Doug's 1st Movie


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 28% · 36 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 28% · 5K ratings
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Plot summary

Doug and his pal Skeeter set's out to find the monster of Lucky Duck Lake. Though things get really out of hand when some one blurts out that the monster is real.

January 04, 2024 at 06:53 PM


Maurice Joyce

Top cast

Frank Welker as Herman Melville
Constance Shulman as Patti Mayonnaise
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Reviewed by anaconda-40658 1 / 10

Doug's First & Hopefully Last Movie.

Doug's 1st Movie (1999): Dir: Maurice Joyce / Voices: Thomas McHugh, Fred Newman, Chris Phillips, Frank Welker, Alice Playten: Every bit as flat in its animation as The Rugrats Movie, with a story that is every bit as stupid. Doug is a smart kid who shares a secret with his friend Skeeter (and no, it doesn't include a secret stash of pornography). They manage to snapshot a monster that is dwelling in the lake. The creature is friendly and only shown to the Mayor but they take him home when the lake is threatened with pollution. Doug must protect it from exploitation while explaining things to a potential girlfriend. Yes, the dating subplot might be beyond the audience this film is directed at but in all fairness any child should be smarter than the intelligence presented here. Predictable and stupid in every manner but director Maurice Joyce knows the cartoon well. Let's just hope that he doesn't suffer long for it. A character like Doug should be in a story better than this. His friend Skeeter is a moron. The Mayor is either drunk or on heavy cocaine if he accepts these things at face value. The villain should study the Bond films so that he can pick a bigger target, like the world. The animation will not impress adults but perhaps children will not care. It is done in the most simplistic forms. The purpose is just as the title states. It is Doug's first embarrassing act on film. Score: 1 / 10

Reviewed by MK_Movie_Reviews 2 / 10

I don't understand the concept.

I kept watching for 40 minutes, but it wasn't interesting so I stopped halfway through.

Reviewed by MovieTVRomanceFan 5 / 10

Not Exactly the Best Movie

I was looking forward to seeing this movie, but after finally watching it I was quite disappointed. There were some good parts, but it wasn't the best film I ever saw. It was strange and it felt like a weird mix between a movie or a special episode. I think it's a good thing Doug only made 1 movie and didn't make any more after that. I also wasn't very fond of Doug and Patti's relationship and felt like it left it open ended instead of actually resolving it. Honestly, I feel like this movie had some areas in need of some serious improvement. Overall, it wasn't a great film and I'm not sure I would watch it again.

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