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In the early eighteenth century, foreign rule means dark times for the Hutsuls of the Carpathians. The two Dovbush brothers become opryshkos - mountain outlaws. But the two brothers become enemies - one cares only about money, the other - Oleksa - fights for his people. The Carpathians are convulsed with a wave of uprisings. The aristocracy uses its military might to try to kill Dovbush and destroy his legend. But Dovbush outwits them. The desperate lords devise a devious plan and attack the invincible outlaw's Achilles heel - his love for his childhood sweetheart, Marichka. Who will be the assassin to attack the Opryshko whose immense strength and bravery inspired folk tales? Will the lords' treacherous plan destroy the hero before he can lead his people to freedom?

January 09, 2024 at 03:25 PM


Oles Sanin

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Agata Buzek as Yablonowska
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Reviewed by bohdanp 10 / 10

An anti-feudal blockbuster with a Ukrainian flavor.

The story of Oleksa Dovbush is the story of a man in a feudal system. And moreover, this feudal system was made worse by the fact that the territory of Ukraine was occupied by Poland. In this story, the injustice of the lords towards ordinary peasants, oppression, humiliation, and all this provokes resistance. And this resistance in the film takes on a blockbuster scale.

The film is in some aspects similar to Quentin Tarantino's films, and echoes the story of Robin Hood. The plot develops dynamically. The acting is at a decent level. There are some questions about the performance of the mainstream actors.

A nice advantage of the film is that it was not made in Hollywood, which makes it unique, devoid of clichés.

This is a great film to learn a little more about Ukrainian culture and the suffering of this people throughout their difficult history.

Reviewed by onyxar 7 / 10

Entertaining adaption of Ukrainian legendary hero story

Ukrainian history is rich. Lots of heroes, legends, epic events worth an adaption. Finally one of them came alive.

18th century. Oleksa Dovbush - kind of a Carpathian Robin Hood. He robs feudal lords, helps poor villagers. He's got a bounty on his head. Competition between him and his brother, forbidden love - all here.

Classic plot, yet entertaining to watch.

Carpathian scenery by itself is a character. Mysterious, foggy and beautiful. It's an interesting thing to observe, how Dovbush and his opryshki (name of rebels' group) set ambushes and fight, using their perfect mountain landscape knowledge.

As for the battle scenes - that's another achievement. Normally, you won't get really large scale battles, however fight choreography is good and realistic.

Overall, movie is beautifully shot and intriguing historic adventure.

Reviewed by enotich 10 / 10


This movie is something else... It is an inspiring, beautifully shot, well choreographed and generally well-rounded biopic about life and glory of the legendary Oleksa Dovbush.

Historically accurate costumes and real castles make the impression of a sincere and honest depiction of that age, shining as a star above most fantasy movie that are shot indoors with a chromakey background. Shot in the most beautiful Carpathian mountains, as well as other colorful and authentic to the story locations, it is a masterpiece to behold.

Charismatic actors, nice battle scenes, deep symbolism make you want to watch it again and again.


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