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Reviewed by sugarfreepeppermint 8 / 10

The tragedy of homelessness amongst homosexual youths

A verry common storyline in gay films, is that of the young gay man who moves to the city, away from his rural background, to escape from repression , in pursuit of finding a place a home in a place where he can find opportunities to live a (sexually) fulfilling life. In most of those films, these young men find friends or older people who may help them to establish themselves in that new gay ""friendly" environment. Unfortunately, there is a less rose tinted reality - in particular in a society suffering economic and moral decline.

This film shows how deeply corrupt many people in cities are. These young men are oblivious to the predatory nature of these new persons that deal with. And even if they do sense that something is not o.k, their poverty gives them no other choice but to subject themselves to these people in the hope of gaining a living and / or keeping a roof over their head.. These young men in these predicaments, easily become victims of (sexual) abuse, and from there on can easily end up homeless without any friends or support at all.

The film is interjected by the protagonist's vlog in which he shares with his followers the adventure and glitz of having made it to Hollywood. The contact with sane people is established through his mobile phone. His mother, a woman deeply immersed in evangilism, send her son daily messages warning him of the evil of the world; which does synchronize with the events happening in his life in the city.

Unfortunately the mother alligns homosexuality to evil. This has also has positioned her son in an impossible situation, having made him a victim of the lack of an education where this young man can learn both the real dangers of the urban gay ways, as well as being taught to consolidate his own homosexuality with being a good person. It makes him extremely vulnerable to abuse.

This films shows how dangerous some of the established gay dwellers in cities can be for poor homosexual young men, as they prey on their weaknesses. It also shows that other established gay men can be the very lifeline to hope. The films shows that religion can mean protection or destruction, depending on how it is interpreted and relayed. The film also shows that there is great importance that LGBT organisations focus on the homosexual homeless youths (and old), rather than wasting all their resources on virtue signalling in the media and pushing unrealistic WOKE messages, which mostly are counter productive. The homelessness and abuse amongst homosexual youths is rampant and is one of the greatest tragedies that exist.

The film is also visually very interestingly edited, and the actors are all excellent.

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