The John Dalli Mystery

2017 [DANISH]


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November 13, 2022 at 12:57 AM


Jeppe Rønde

Top cast

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Reviewed by ginamae-02893 8 / 10

In Reference to Spoiler review

Gave it an 8 because it wasn't in English. If you don't know the back story I can understand why you would give the rating you gave. Since I was one of the American Christians that was scammed of my life savings I knew exactly what John Dalli was about. Daphne Caruana Galizia gave them my email address. Marie Elouise Corbin was probably Dimitri. The journalist knew nothing about us and when John Dalli knew that we would be part of the documentary he was highly upset. At the end of the documentary he told them that he had a special protector. Daphne Caruana Galizia is no longer with us. At the end of the documentary the journalist knew that they had been scammed by John Dalli.

Reviewed by briankal 2 / 10

Ridiculous – when journalism only seeks to entertain

This is what happens, when the director and the journalists are only interested in creating an atmosphere of darkness, conspiracy theories and wanting to look good themselves. They try desperately to create a sense of evil instead of trying to cast a light on the case. At the end one of them says out of the blue "you know what this means – he is Dimitri!" without any proof and disregarding the fact that "Maria/Dimitri" answered John Dalli via email while the two journalist where in the room and that John Dalli got very surprised and mad, when he found out, Mads Brugger had emailed to Maria/Dimitri. When John Dalli receives the email regarding the alleged proof, it is clear for all, that this is a simple trick to get money, but the two "journalists" jump right in. The try so hard to push the story into the obscure, to make it dark and incomprehensible and the director is more concerned with filling the picture with ominous music, than following the real story itself. It is a shame, as it is an important subject. They should have pointed the camera at Daphne Caruana Galizia and let her do the talking. This documentary proves nothing and does not want to prove anything; it seeks no truths, it seeks only to glorify the two journalists who travel in self-created non-existing danger. To them even plain thunder is a proof of the darkness underneath it all.

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