The Royal Nanny


Comedy / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 7.1 10 539

Plot summary

November 25, 2022 at 10:59 PM


Jonathan Wright

Top cast

Rachel Skarsten as Claire
Greta Scacchi as Juliet Lansbury
Dan Jeannotte as Colin
Katie Sheridan as Princess Rose
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by grammajanie-28811 10 / 10

Clever, fun and way above the norm

I can only say bravo all around. I have to admit that the royal genre is not my favorite in these rom-com offerings, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It's a little less unrealistic than most and the family dynamics made you see the members as real people with real problems rather than a fairytale setting. This is a solid cast that works well together and involves you in the plot so well that you overlook the places where reality is stretched a bit. Rachel Skarsten is such a capable actress and this may be one of her best roles yet. The filming location of Brussels was close enough in overall look to fool a non-Londoner and the British accents were quite plausible. It's a bit of a spoof on a spy movie (that's where the fun comes in). Overall this movie holds its own against other holiday favorites and will become one of mine. It is worth the watch.

Reviewed by vintagegeek 10 / 10

Fun Pleasant Evening

We enjoyed the characters and the actors and actresses very much. The story, although a little off, followed along naturally in a typical pleasant Hallmark fashion. It was a cozy evening, easy to watch movie. The children actors were not obnoxious and actually knew their lines. The Royal movies often go astray with an abundance of awful uniforms, mean old fathers or grandmothers, protocol, and newspaper headline catastrophes. We were glad the bypassed the, oh you screwed up - breakup routine in favor of an actual story. We'd like to see more stories without the misconstruance by one or both primary actors.

Reviewed by Jackbv123 8 / 10

More Cloak and dagger than you'd expect

This movie is as much a cloak and dagger story as a Christmas Romance, perhaps even more so. The suspense of a plot against the royal family runs throughout the movie with the climax being focused entirely on that. There are clues and red herrings sprinkled into the story.

I was surprised to see Rachel Skarsten as the lead, Claire, because I almost didn't recognize her. I was totally impressed with her in Marry Me at Christmas and her performance here shows a different side of her, although both characters have a reserved personality. Skarsten establishes a good working relationship with all the major actors playing characters in the royal family including Dan Jeannotte as Prince Colin.

Given that to all appearance, this Royal story is set in a country we know to be real, it was distracting to me trying to keep putting down that nagging demand for some reality check especially regarding romance between an orphan and a Prince. I kept thinking "No way", but any viewer already knows that such expectations don't apply in this kind of movie. Most Royal stories are set in a way that the prince or princess is not from a real country.

In the beginning there are several practical jokes attempted both against Claire and even by Claire which help create a light heartedness in the atmosphere. (I am irritated once again by network previews showing a little too much, not in terms of spoiling the plot, but taking the impact out of at least one of the funnier scenes.) Getting deeper into the movie, the tone moves more to the sentimental as Claire bonds with the family, especially the children. I already mentioned the cloak and dagger suspense.

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