The Kids from 62-F


Adventure / Drama / Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

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November 28, 2022 at 09:16 PM


Imani Shakur

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Reviewed by ops-52535 4 / 10

a syfy childrens story

Its not much to tell or dwell over, its an alien/human rendevouz, due to some secret papers some kids have come over, some nasadocument and an item found in one of the kids deceased astronaut fathers safe. its a kind a key to the universe.

its a child movie ,from 3-12, and for the nerdy ufo freaked adults, atiny bit of visual effects, and some babbling kiddos, very good at reading out of script, but still stiff enough to be a child.

its an adventure thinks the grumpy old man, i think a heard a swear word, but let it for you to decide.

Reviewed by CabbageCustard 3 / 10

Dopey in the extreme

Your kids will probably enjoy this but, like me, you'll probably leave them to it and read a book instead. Dreadful acting, 'special' effects that are definitely not special, excruciating dialogue, the most painful soundtrack I have encountered in a long time and a dumb script. The cast are all unknowns and I expect they will stay that way. I feel sorry for the kids who 'star' in this.

If your kids are into sci-fi and aliens, there are so many good movies out there for them to enjoy - and you too.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 3 / 10

kiddie indie

Cassie's astronaut father died five years earlier. She finds a star device and a classified letter from her father. He's been in contact with aliens and asks for the star be returned to their planet. She and her three young friends take on the quest. There are two mean NASA agents. There are mean bullies. There are also two tiny blue aliens.

This is essentially a student film. The kids are kids. I'm not complaining. They're actually better than the adult actors and they created individual characters. The four of them are somewhat engaging and they're a good group as kids on bikes. It starts to go downhill with the bullies and the NASA meanies until it all blows up in the two weird aliens. It is camp in a bad way like "Mac and Me". Worst of all is the clunky writing. It could still be fun but the writing is horrible. It does have some fine student computer effects. The big takeaway from this are the kids. They have some potential.

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