In All Innocence

1998 [FRENCH]

Action / Crime / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 757

Plot summary

October 28, 2021 at 04:02 AM


Pierre Jolivet

Top cast

Virginie Ledoyen as Cécile Maudet
Carole Bouquet as Viviane Farnese
Guillaume Canet as Vincent Mazet
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by El_Chango 7 / 10

Stupid things men do for beautiful women

This is a film that should have been retitled "Stupid things men do for beautiful women". En plein Coeur is not a great film, but it is enjoyable and has some good moments and great characters, specially the one played by Carole Bouquet, a very good, strong female character, probably the best aspect of this film. Virginie Ledoyen is a beautiful and talented actress, and she proves it here with a good performances, even if the character is less than likeable.

Reviewed by writers_reign 7 / 10

Guilty Pleasures

Gerard Lanvin and Virginie Ledoyen first appeared together in Les Marmottes in 1993 and teamed up again five years later for this remake of Simenon's En Cas de malheur exactly forty years after Jean Gabin and Brigitte Bardot did it first time around. There's not a great deal of originality in the storyline - young, amoral girl seduces middle-aged lawyer, shacks up with him but continues to see her old yobbish boyfriend on the side and, oh, yes, it all ends in tears - but Lanvin and Ledoyen are two of the finest French actors working today and that's before we factor in Carole Bouquet as Lanvin's chic and talented wife, Denis Podalydes as a rival advocate and Francois Berleand, a partner in Lanvin's law firm. Guillaume Canet as Ledoyen's ex who won't let go has a nice line in obnoxious arrogance and makes it easy to despise him. Given the names I've mentioned no one should be surprised that the acting is top-notch if not first rate which means that this is well worth a look.

Reviewed by stuka24 9 / 10

Smashing cautionary tale!

In films, as in life, things aren't that complicated. When things start rolling, it usually follows suit and ends well. Whereas when everything gets complicated right from the start... By the way the gripping story is told, how nothing is in vain, and the perfect music that accompanies everything, let alone the 80ish photography, you can tell this film is just everything it was meant to be.

Carole Bouquet's regard, right from the start, knowing and yet forgiving, is worth many cinema tickets. If you think she's just a gelid pretty face like Catherine Deneuve, watch this film. Real classy. Virginie Ledoyen is very natural as a nice, alluring and totally manipulative temptress. So beauty you can hardly blame poor Maitre Lanvin for believing her, for thinking he's really saving somebody out of dejection and being thankful to destiny for "all he had got, with the aid of chance". J.P. Lorit, from the underdog "Seule", has clear intentions right from the start. Would have liked a bit more of "character development" for him. Lanvin is perfectly cast! He's done great comedy like Camping and dramedy "Viens chez moi...", this shows he's good at more serious stuff. Mar Sodupe's wardrobe and hairdo deserve the best for looking the worst :)! She looks like the "very ugly female characters" from any Almodóvar film. Which proves that "good loyal friends come in all shapes & sizes" :). Denis Podalydès is from the Comédie Française, and it shows. He did small successes like "Figaro", in here he is as expressive as anybody can be with his small role of looser turned "defender of true causes". I found Guillaume Canet's character likable and believable in his stupidity (who didn't have an obnoxious high school bully like him?). But, this is the only criticism I can make to the film... isn't him a bit too powerful? Hey, couldn't a big time lawyer like M. Farnese got rid of him, buy him, send some thugs, put him in jail for being a petty dealer? I don't know, if even Martorel (the loosing lawyer) knew... One always has a favourite moment, mine is Bouquet's speech to Martorel when she defends him, after everything everybody knows, with a speech that should be required reading/ viewing for anybody interested in justice and morality, let alone practicing lawyers. And the best line also belongs to her, when they cross at the tribunals: "No, (I didn't get what I wanted.) I just wished you were dead" and she leaves exuding class, like few mortals could do, let alone top models half her age. I agree with IMDb reviewer "jintz" that Ledoyen's character is rather one-dimensional.

Watch it, you'll have fun and see for yourself how dangerous can a sexy kitten be, how stupid do they make us. (Transform the sentence if you are a woman, the rules apply equally for any "Vincent". There are many "Cécile Maudets" in our lives. It's in us to realize they are well, basically incapable of feeling.

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