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June 15, 2022 at 11:03 AM


Dennis Kailing

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by akfakt 8 / 10

To the reviewer before (larrynewman)

Hey Larry,

unfortunately, you are dead wrong with all your assumptions. I personally know Dennis and there was absolutely no crew with him and apart from a few weeks spent together with his friend (who helped with some of the filming), he did it all by himself, period.

So calm down, do a little research before giving a review next time (all your points can be validated as false if you read or watch an interview with him) and please don't write stuff, as if you knew for sure what is right or wrong.

Best, Rob.

Reviewed by deepudp 8 / 10

go for it if you love traveling

Such a refreshing one.

Do you love travelling, exploring new places? Then go for this movie. Well, is it a movie or a documentary? Doesn't matter. It has served its purpose I guess

For someone to travel through over 40 countries by his bike, wow, it s just incredibly amazing.

Reviewed by larrynewman-54315 4 / 10

Seriously Not Reality

Ok Why not say that he has a crew to: watch his bike and stuff, to help him with the filming and overhead shots, to protect him, and with the cost of all this over his 2 year adventure.

Instead Netflix makes it like he's completely solo! Only One reviewer talks about his lack of any sun tan, lol yeah, that milky white skin wouldn't fair too well in some of his environs, never mind in the direct sun for hours every day.

It's so silly to show obvious footage of him from afar and drone shots but never once alluding to his assistance. It gives naive people the wrong impression. Some of those countries shouldn't be visited alone. This documentary should come with a disclaimer.

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1 Comment

Yofu profile
Yofu June 20, 2022 at 08:29 pm

I am so glad to watch this, it has inspired me so much. The people he meet more more expression the kids. He's a brave man and I can't wait to see another document away from him. I love it