The Martha Mitchell Effect


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June 17, 2022 at 09:54 AM


Anne Alvergue

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Lily Tomlin as Ernestine
Maury Povich as Self - Host, Panorama
Dinah Shore as Self - Host, Dinah!
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Reviewed by spacechick-75-91100 9 / 10

She told the truth about Nixon, and was kidnapped, drugged, and held prisoner

Say what you will, but Martha Mitchell was a woman of her time. The 1970s were a completely different time in history for women. Most women were relegated to just being hostesses for their husbands political parties. Women were supposed to be seen but not heard. If any political conversations went on, the women were not involved they were relegated to another separate room. Martha Mitchell did not fit this type cast of a woman. She did not hold her tongue when it came to her opinions. She, along with her husband John Mitchell (later went to jail for organizing the Watergate break in) ran the campaign to reelect President Nixon in 1972.

Martha Mitchell broke the Watergate story. She was held prisoner in a hotel suite in California, drugged, made to appear mentally ill by her own husband and Richard Nixon and his crooks.

We owe a lot to this woman for her bravery to not be silenced. Yes, she drank a bit much, but that doesn't make her unusual for the women of the 70's. It certainly did not make her unpopular. The press loved her. Nixon avoided the Press like the Plague. He was a crook and he was laid open into the light by Martha Mitchell who suffered from financial, social and personal tragedy. In the end, from one woman to another I can say she hasn't gotten nearly enough credit for bringing down an entire corrupt President and All of His Men. Thank you Ms. Mitchell.

Reviewed by dierregi 2 / 10

Mountain out of a molehill

Being European and of a younger generation I had never heard of Mrs. Mitchell but I thought the documentary may be interesting because of the Watergate connection. Turns out it was rather exploitative of the current fashion of putting a woman center stage, even if her part in the story was at best marginal.

What I learned from this is that Mrs. Mitchell was a loudmouth who craved attention and who managed to turn a national scandal into personal drama. She was described as an alcoholic and, with due respect, she looked and sounded slightly intoxicated in a couple of interviews. The fact that her enemy was the despicable Nixon doesn't make her a heroine or a particularly palatable character... and what was that "My husband abandoned me in California!" Couldn't she organize her own transport instead of whining on the phone?

Finally, apart from her generic blabbering about her husband and Nixon doing "horrible things", these things always remained unspecified and I doubt she knew much about the real goings on, even if the biased narrative wants to make it look like Mrs. Mitchell was the direct responsibility of Nixon's downfall.

Reviewed by simonapopa-51533 10 / 10

Great documentary

Depicts the political life in Washington DC during Nixon era from the perspective of a wife of a prominent political figure close to Nixon. As expected for that time she was not taken seriously when she told everyone including the press about the political maneuvers made during the Watergate by the president any the ones close to him and that includes her husband. After Nixon's resignation the press recognizes her as person who spoke the truth to power and later from the Watergate tapes we can find that Nixon feared her and tried to silence her multiple times.

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kimber141 profile
kimber141 June 18, 2022 at 07:56 am

I totally forgot about her. Nice documentary