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December 13, 2022 at 07:05 AM


Ivan Passer

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Virginia Madsen as Barbara Spencer
Peter O'Toole as Dr. Harry Wolper
Kenneth Tigar as Pavlo
David Ogden Stiers as Dr. Sid Kullenbeck
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Reviewed by lueschow 8 / 10

A sad and romantic comedy

This is a wonderful movie that focuses on character development. The characters are quirky and entertaining. The science in this movie is relatively weak but this movie isn't about science. This is about love, loss, and coming to terms with the curves life throws you.

Peter O'tool is Brilliant... I repeat Brilliant in this movie Muriel Hemmingway (Melly) is wonderfully portrayed and the rest of the actors/actresses played at the top of their game on this movie.

Grab your girlfriend/boyfriend turn down the lights pop some popcorn and enjoy the show.

Warning: There is some foul language and nudity in this movie so I don't recommend watching it with your 10 year old.

Reviewed by TVholic 9 / 10

A wacky, gentle, thoughtful love story.

Actually three love stories in one. There's Harry Wolper and his long departed wife, putting the lie to "till death do us part." Then there's the developing relationship between Meli and Wolper. And finally the impulsive young love of Boris and Barbara. All interwoven like so much spaghetti. There's so much love in the air that this would be a great date movie so long as both parties are comfortable with the occasional detours into science and philosophy. The dialogue is usually sharply written and often witty, almost intellectual. The editing, though, was a bit choppy.

In today's world, where human cloning is coming ever closer to reality and paranoia about it is common, Jeremy Leven's screenplay should be a good reminder that genes don't make us who we are. As Boris said, even a cloning breakthrough wouldn't be able to bring back the woman he loved, for he could never recreate the experiences that originally shaped her mind and soul.

Peter O'Toole again plays his patented charming eccentric. It's a role virtually tailor-made for him, and he carries it well. Whether he's spouting technical or medical jargon, wistfully remembering his lost wife, or rhapsodizing on the nature of God and the Big Picture, O'Toole truly loses himself in this character and comes through as totally convincing. Vincent Spano and Virginia Madsen showed great chemistry as the young college couple. Mariel Hemingway was the weak link. Her character was supposed to be street-smart and self-assured but unfortunately often came across as simply shrill.

The melancholy score meshes well with the movie, successfully evoking the loneliness surrounding the characters. Surprising, as it was composed by Sylvester Levay, best known for his pounding, synthesizer-rich theme for TV's "Airwolf."

It's worth renting this movie on tape or DVD, because the version edited for television cuts several scenes that are very important to the plot. Without those scenes, some lines just don't make sense. Regrettably, there is no widescreen version even on DVD, although the standard 1.33:1 Academy Frame does help keep the story intimate. Occasionally, though, some characters will have their faces cut off the side of the screen. But even the DVD is a very imperfect version. The sound level wavers wildly, the only DVD I've ever had that does this. Sometimes it's barely audible while seconds later it's back at full volume. And the beginning of the movie is truncated, with the opening titles cutting in a few notes into the score. The print is also grainy, painfully so in a few of the darker scenes. All in all, a very careless transfer.

Note for Star Trek fans: this film contains a veritable cavalcade of Trek guest stars. At least four of the cast have appeared on various incarnations of Trek, including Madsen and Stiers on The Next Generation and Ian Wolfe and Jeff Corey on the original show.

Reviewed by DrPostman 10 / 10

Peter O"Toole at his best

I don't rate films often, but the rating (5.8) seemed so low to me that I had to offer a comment or two. This film is a true gem, and one of the best films I have ever seen Peter O'Toole act in. David Ogden Stiers is great as a "bad guy" who isn't bad at all. Virginia Madsen is absolutely gorgeous (it has been years since I last saw this film but I still remember that shower scene). Even Hemmingway, who I don't usually like, puts in a good performance. This is a very touching romance story, that also deals a lot with letting go, but not giving up. It also doesn't get too preachy about the morals of genetic engineering. I did keep thinking through the film that even if he could bring his wife back it still wouldn't be the person he loved so much, no matter how much he wanted that. A great film that deserves a better rating.

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