Watergate: High Crimes in the White House


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June 19, 2022 at 04:09 PM


Matthew DeVoe

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Reviewed by howboutthisone_huh 6 / 10

too long, didn't read

I think it was hermann goering who said that the victors write history but in america that's not the case. It's the media who write history. It's producers like the ones who put out this product that write history. There's this renewal of interest in watergate in 2022 which is most likely because of recent events but most people who watch this were never alive or old enough to remember watergate. Can you really take all those years and wind it up into 90 mins? It certainly hits all of the media highlights and the way that the media tells the watergate story but it's out of context and not necessarily factually correct. E.g. There's no mention of agnew at all in the film. They claim nixon was a popular president but they don't mention school integration or inflation at the time and nixon's price controls. There's no mention that the war had dragged on and actually escalated illegally in cambodia which resulted unnecessarily, in thousands of american casualties, which got underplayed because the media was so focused on nixon's involvement in watergate. Where we might have been able to limit presidential authority, we ended up expanding it, which led to two wars with iraq and the longest war of all time in afghanistan, and that's just a few of our military actions. Also, the film makes it appear as if mcgovern was unwinnable and was actually put into the nomination by nixon, but they don't mention eagleton's nomination at the convention at all. For those who don't remember this, within a day or two of his nomination, the media were reporting that mcgovern's nomination for vice president, the 2nd person in line for launching nuclear missiles, had been treated and confined to a hospital for mental illness. It has to be the biggest gaffe in political history. Mcgovern's leadership credibility was non-existent so what did he do? Did mcgovern nominate any of the top democratic leaders of the time as his running mate, no. He picks this relative nobody with ties to the kennedy family, at which point mcgovern himself drove himself completely out of the race. Nixon could have robbed a liquor store then and still got elected. The media often says that mcgovern leaned too much to the anti-war and youth movement; too close to the hippies as connie chung has been quoted (the wife of schlock tv king, maury povich, btw), but mcgovern was a certified war hero from wwii where he flew b29 raids on italy. And when nixon left office and he was pardoned, the film claims that was end of the story which it wasn't. The frost/nixon interviews were probably watched by more people than the watergate hearings for any given airing. There's no self-examination either from the media which includes this film. They've become a fourth estate. An entity in itself that controls public opinion and that's more evident today than ever. Watergate was a lead into contra and then monica and whitewater and plame and now jan 6, and it's clear that what will come out as history will be whatever the media says it is. Unfortunately this is the sanitized version without any probity that will become the cliff notes for watergate until someone else comes along and condenses it further. But then, until it gets down the length of twitter message, nobody will probably watch anyway.

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Luczifer666 profile
Luczifer666 July 04, 2022 at 04:59 pm

@Green_Hornet; Yes we do, we call then Elephants in the room. we Americans just don't like addressing them.

bertru profile
bertru June 20, 2022 at 02:25 am

It is very difficult to reach the White House with clean hands, because you need a lot of money and great political influence, staying and being re-elected also has a very high cost. However, these circumstances do not affect civil liberties because the USA has a robust citizen democracy protected by Congress and the Supreme Court of Justice. And also not least is the fact that presidents have limited powers and must obey the laws despite their immunity while in office.

Green_Hornet profile
Green_Hornet June 19, 2022 at 10:40 pm

Seems like the Americans have a loooong history of corrupt and criminal presidents huh ;)