Moriah's Lighthouse


Action / Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 561

Plot summary

June 19, 2022 at 09:43 PM


Stefan Scaini

Top cast

Luke Macfarlane as Ben
Rachelle Lefevre as Moriah
Valéria Cavalli as Catherine
Serge Dupire as Nicholas
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by spikeluvr 3 / 10

It's Just Not Very Good

I love Luke MacFarland and Rachelle LeFevre. And he was his usual charming self. She was not at all believable. Her fake accent was grating and seeing her "working" on an antique wooden chest wearing a shoulder less blue sweater and a leather apron was laughable. I struggled to stay interested in spite of the beautiful scenery and architecture. They just weren't enough to compensate for the lousy storyline and fake accents.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

fake accent

Wood worker Moriah (Rachelle Lefevre) dreams of restoring the old lighthouse in her small seaside French town. Ben (Luke Macfarlane) arrives in town with plans of his own. She hits him with her bicycle. I like the French location. The story is fine for a Hallmark romance. This could be a nice romance but one thing keeps bugging me. Lefevre is playing a French girl. She may be well-skilled in French but the audience have seen her speak perfect English. In this, she's speaking English with that fake French accent and it's weird. My brain keeps telling me that she's faking this. The last thing I want from my brain is it telling me that it's all fake. Everything else is secondary.

Reviewed by shobbs-86081 5 / 10

Hallmark's excessive use of plot devices destroys romance

Hallmark went to a lot of trouble and spent tons of money to make this "romance", but as beautiful as the scenery and the actors are, there just isn't enough credibility here to make a love story. Sure, the leads work together and seem compatible and want to get together, but the fake separation/reunion at the end of the show cancels out any good wishes I might have had for their success. I think this was one show that might have worked if the usual plot twists and dilemmas keeping our heroes apart had just been dropped, allowing their warm relationship to simply flower and shine in a normal way. And they almost did...

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1 Comment

RSwett profile
RSwett June 22, 2022 at 11:14 am

Lovely movie with beautiful scenery. Just freaks me out that there is an apostrophe in the title.