Single and Ready to Jingle


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December 20, 2022 at 03:19 AM


Wendy Ord

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Edward Ruttle as Connor
Natasha Wilson as Emma Warner
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Reviewed by Jackbv123 3 / 10


Everything in this movie is all over the place. I can't tell if the acting is as bad as it seems because characters' personalities change on a dime and back and forth again. Their actions and choices, especially Emma's are just as bad ranging to the downright idiotic. Emma is whiny, arrogant and stubborn but then she is sweet, forgiving and generous and some of that is back and forth too. Personality change or character development is good in a story, but these characters were just inconsistent.

It's one thing to be teasing and contrary on the first meeting, but Connor was downright mean adding insult to injury to poor Emma who has just found out she's in Alaska not the Virgin Islands and wearing a sundress while a blizzard blows. Yes it does make you question her intelligence, but kicking her while she is down is just what you do to a tourist before you welcome her to your inn, right?

The movie relies on a lot of extremes which I assume are for laughs. I guess it's really funny to see a woman in a sundress walk out into -12 degree temperatures. The information desk representative at the airport is just insulting, twice. All this, and I not only didn't laugh once, but I never cracked a smile.

Why did I watch it all the way through? Good question. The fact that I had no other options at the time only partly justifies it.

Reviewed by gilesbeven 10 / 10

Great Christmas watch!

FASTASTIC WATCH!! Saw this on lifetime yesterday and was very impressed! The title lured me in so I thought I would give it a watch and was much better than anticipated. It's the type of film you would put the fire on for, get a nice glass of hot chocolate and laugh the night away with some decent one liners. Both the Actors were especially good throughout the entirety of the movie at delivering a very good story line, who knew there was a St. John's Alaska! Makes me want to go out there and see if it's anytime like it is in this movie! Overall, thoroughly impressed with the film and would watch again.

Reviewed by Keeya2013 8 / 10

It was cute... sorry to disagree with the bad reciew

I have to disagree with the bad review, I found the review pretty harsh... I found that the story was a delightful Christmas story, a bit different from the done and done again Hallmark typical movie. Let's be real, these movies are NEVER filmed in the winter, so if you are looking for real snow, or a characters breath when they are outside you will not find it. If you just want to watch a nice Christmas movie that finds a toy maker in Alaska not on a beach in the sun for her holiday and taking time to just slow down and re appreciate Christmas again, then watch it. I found it was delightful and easy to watch. Just enjoy it for what it is a Christmas movie where a person finds joy in a small town during Christmas.

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