The 49th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards


Action / News / Reality-TV

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June 26, 2022 at 08:11 PM


Leon Knoles

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Jennifer Aniston as Self - Lifetime Achievement Award presenter
Laura Wright as Self - Presenter
Jerry O'Connell as Self - Presenter
Drew Barrymore as Self - Presenter
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Reviewed by k-14678 5 / 10


When I saw this on TV I was a bit disappointed, there are not too many good nominations, while the rest of the show contains hellish filler, if you want to get excited you should see 300 or Ben Hur, here there is only Boredom and disappointment.

Again there are Boring Nominations and some didn't deserve it, some probably did but I think this show had bad decisions.

I actually watched this out of boredom, if I wasn't drawing or doing something else at the time, what a surprise I was when I realized this was just another boring show.

The best thing I can say about this show is that it doesn't contain scenes that drag on into eternity and ridiculous musical moments.

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 4 / 10

Not as horrible as other awards shows, but also far from a new dawn

Okay, here we have The 49th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards and those took place one week before the end of June, so a little over three months ago now and I thought with the "real" Emmys on everybody's mind, why not take a look at what most people consider the second-tier Emmys. I think that they did a lot right, even if you could always ask the question of course if there is really the necessity for two different Emmy ceremonies every year, but I guess why not. The director is Leon Knoles and if you see that, according to imdb, he launched his career back around 2010, thus has worked only for a bit over a decade, he really could not have been any more productive with over 100 projects now in his body of work. Surreal stuff. The writer is Dino Shorte and he started as an actor in the 1970s already, but has not been half as productive. Still, interesting body of work and what a coincidence that resulted in these two Black people from the entertainment industry to collaborate. By the way, Knoles has mostly worked on music-themed stuff and while music is also part of this broadcast here, it was definitely not defining and basically only came in the form of Michael Bolton, who performed two numbers, one new song and one for the in-memoriam tribute. I preferred the latter, but his inclusion was surely one of the highlights of the night. The entire ceremony went for slightly over 1.5 hours and this does not include commercial breaks, so the broadcast was probably approximately two hours. This took pretty much place in the middle of summer so we do not see any masks in the audience because of the pandemic, but we had a few people come to the stage wearing masks and I am not so sure if I liked it. It felt too much of a political statement at that point and I always think those should be kept out of the entertainment industry, awards ceremonies etc. Aside from that, they also made it worse by almost covering their entire face and not just mouth and nose. What can I say? I just like seeing people's faces.

Anyway, there were other political statements included sadly, maybe the biggest weakness from this year's show. Those had to do with women's rights and abortion in particular. Of course, the television industry seemed really united in criticizing the Supreme Court and its abortion-related decision, but we should keep in mind that these people are the highest lawyers of the country and not randomly confused people on the streets. But yeah, liberalism is everywhere in the entertainment industry, so it should not surprise anybody. It is a pity though those people do not stand up for women being killed in certain other areas of the world where they have almost no rights at all in men-dominated societies. I always find it baffling when people complain about women (or other groups) lacking the rights they deserve in America or Europe as well. That is enough politics now too from me. Let's look at the event. The hosts were Kevin Frazier and Nischelle Turner, two journalists, even if they appeared on some of the defining daytime television shows too. Just not as regulars. Frazier reminded me a bit of a bald version of Chris Rock. Well, poor man's Chris Rock, but still better than most people who were ready to host this show. The material was simply not really good here, just take the lukewarm gag with what the people in the audience were thinking at the beginning of the show. So writing was a problem here and it is surely also the key problem with daytime television. I do not even think many of the actors are bad. With better writing, they could maybe also get in at the prime time version of the Emmys. When they showed a few best-of scenes from the nominees, what I saw was decent. There was just one inclusion that was totally cringeworthy for me and that was when we see a woman in bed not wearing a lot and how she tries to get a man of the Church to join her. Kinda telling that we even hear the audience applaud there or make noises about how interesting and provocative this was when reality is that it was just an embarrassing mess. Oh well.

You will also find a few names that have acted in projects away from daytime television like Jeff Kober who also won his category. Many more. The two biggest names featured here were Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore. Aniston was not there in person, but made a little introductory speech for her father who received the lifetime achievement award, but he is really old already, so was not at best health and could not join the ceremony to accept it. By the way, I did not know Aniston had Greek roots. Learnt something new again. And Barrymore, well I was once quite a fan of her, but seeing her now makes me a bit sad. I think she is talented, but not really getting anything done and now she has a daytime television show too? Oh man. Look at her name and heritage of actors in her family. She really should be doing better than that. It makes me a bit sad. Same for Kelly Clarkson. Her abysmal show also won a few awards, but she was not even present. The explanation from her crew how they attributed it to her spending time with her family was just as embarrassing. I bet if she shows up a few years from now then she will talk about how this award is one of the biggest honors of her career when reality is not many care about the second-tier Emmys. Look at Barrymore's comment towards the end how it is so great this show can take place again and everybody should be there (I am not sure if this was maybe a slightly mean and passive-aggressive comment directed at Aniston or Clarkson, but we will never know), but reality is that so many people were missing. This also includes Steve Harvey and I was a bit disappointed too that he did not show up because it could have been the funniest moment of the night. I mean some game shows are actually pretty nice and cool and fun to watch, maybe from my perspective the best that daytime television has to offer. That is also why I thought the introduction for The Price is Right was a disappointment and not as funny as the guy wanted it to be. There you could see the absence of talent. We also had German versions of pretty much all these shows (The Price is Right, Family Feud, Jeopardy), but none of them are running anymore. They ended a long time ago.

With the rest (aside from game shows), it is also one problem that there is just nothing new coming up while shows in the evening constantly change, are cancelled, replaced etc. General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, The Bold and the Beautiful etc. Have all been running for decades and probably will run for decades to come. And they will keep lagging quality for decades to come. Apparently, General Hospital was the big winner that night, but did anybody really care? I know I didn't. I am also sure that most actors, writers and directors from all these shows would immediately resign if they get a chance to write something new for prime time television. But they are also not doing themselves any favors there in terms of how the show was written. Just look at Barrymore announcing the top category of the night and even if she is having a great time there apparently or at least pretending to do so (she did seem over the top here and there admittedly), her connection with daytime television is not remotely as strong as it should be to justify this choice. Also not sure why she accompanied the hosts after the category then when they said goodbye to the viewers. They really just tried to keep her on for as long as possible because of who she is. I don't even blame her there, but (once again) the writer of this show. As for the final category of the night, why not pick one of the iconic daytime television actors out there. Many of them were there to announce certain categories, some even got lots of applause close to a standing ovation, so it would not have been difficult at all to pick them instead of having them present minor categories. Those were a lot of negative criticisms now, but it makes sense because the negative aspects were far more frequent than the positive aspects here.

I will still mention some stuff I liked. The running time is fine, they did not stretch the show to eternity with pointless song inclusions. Bolton I mentioned already, nice voice, great recognition value. I also liked the fact that they chose a person to present the in-memoriam segment that lost a dear one who was part of this segment. This is something they could do at the Oscars too to make it more personal. By the way, Betty White got the last farewell of said segment. Not a surprise with either daytime television or nighttime television, even if I did not know she was this much of a force with daytime too. Anyway, may she rest in peace and pity she did not make it to 100 when coming so close. As for women on the (somewhat) other end of the age scale, I must mention Camila Banus, who was from my perspective by far the most beautiful person featured in the show when she announced one category and we saw her briefly later on as well when she was back on her seat in the audience. Other attractive winners included Mishael Morgan and her moment was even somewhat historic in a ceremony that did not feature as many African American winners as you would have thought. I guess this happens when you have people vote. The hosts were determined differently. Still, props to Morgan and I would not be surprised if she also manages success with the other Emmys at some point. Or at least manages to show up in shows that are eligible for the other Emmys. That seems more likely. Finally, I would like to mention Alyvia Alyn Lind. She did not win, but she is one of not too many where I also have a good feeling they could succeed with a real breakthrough on national television at some point, a bigger one than what she is having now already. I think she even appeared in some solid stuff away from daytime already. That is all then. I give this event a thumbs-down.

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compunerd profile
compunerd July 03, 2022 at 02:20 pm

It was bad, really bad. Basically all soap stars in one place. Not my cup of tea.

compunerd profile
compunerd June 27, 2022 at 09:07 am

Thank you, totally gettin' this even though I'm not expecting much :)