Cristela Alonzo: Middle Classy


Action / Comedy / Documentary

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June 28, 2022 at 12:34 PM


Page Hurwitz

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thejdrage 9 / 10

Cristela is new to me - and a riot! (A good one...)

This program popped up on Netflix, and I had nothing to lose except time, so I watched it. And was totally entertained and laughing for an hour. How refreshing!

She is one of my new favorites. I like it when people make fun of themselves and their situations - without making everyone feel bad, but laugh at the humor of our lives. She is adept at crafting things I've done a thousand times and making them interesting (i.e. The internet). And don't leave out a trip to the doctor's! We've all been there - you have to admit it!

I look forward to seeing more of her! One reviewer said she uses old material, and I know how disappointing that can be. Am hoping she takes his words to heart and discovers some new stuff to toss at us.

Bet she will - she is obviously one smart performer! And that's another reason I rated this 9 stars - it's whip smart.

Reviewed by muratmihcioglu 8 / 10

Cristela is gem and her material rocks - except for the almost-mandatory identity politics stuff

After seeing a great deal of the bunch of comics endored by Bill Burr bomb terribly on stage, I was kind of losing trust with NetFlix' taste.

Cristela Alonzo saved the day thanks to her energy, mostly-clean humor which requires more intelligence, and her smooth way of commandeering the audience.

Her previous special (seen also on NetFlix) was also highly notable. But this one is even better because the way summons the jokes has progressed notably, also thanks to the financial progress in her life, which she generously uses as brand-new source of humor.

The visit to the gyneacologist, the way she opened the gif pack from NetFlix while in dialogue with the cops... All are genuinely priceless and one needs to be Cristela Alonzo to actuall experience these situations. It is very smart of her to carry on stage her "changing" self as the backbone of the show.

The only thing that bothered me was how she resorted to certain classical praisal of speaking "politically correct" - we no longer need endorsement of PC culture on stage, even if we may need PC culture to capture a few more fronts. Addressing people's amazement at "not beling allowed to use certain words" by saying "it was never okay, you are just learning it wasn't!" just does not line up with the authenticity and the spirit of her humor - especially not after she makes use of "shades of white" as she tells her story of immersing in white-dominant circles. It is funny as hell to hear her make point of how "white" some people are, to the extent that she thinks she is encountering a ghost delivering a message from her dead grandma. Given THIS is okay and welcome, so should most of the stuff PC culture has selectively been shunning.

Cristela is a highly intelligent woman and I believe she will climb further the ladders of stardom. She deserves it.

Reviewed by camelon-24012 4 / 10

I get a case of Deja Vu

My title is due to fact that I have heard most of these jokes performed before and there only funny the first time. This was another show where a comedian sticks to what she's good at but these days it's not funny anymore. Needs to get out comfort zone as if your telling jokes, nothing is off table no matter your leaning. I gave it four stars as if you are watching comedy for the first time, you may get a laugh but if you have been watching for year's you will turn off after 5 minutes as other reviewer hit it on head when he said the first part of the show she is all over the place. Just a grab of money with no thought put in.

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