Girl in the Picture


Action / Crime / Documentary / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 96%
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July 06, 2022 at 11:41 AM


Skye Borgman

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Sarah French as Heather
Dana Mackin as Sharon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by staciarose20 7 / 10


First, it's a given that Frank was a psychopathic pos rapist and killer. Scum of the earth. I'm almost shaking writing this review. Poor Suzanne. Such a beautiful and intelligent girl, and she really was just a girl. Forced to have three kids by 20, repeatedly raped, abused, and thrown away. She was raised by a monster because of her mother. Who didn't shed a tear when interviewed, nor her father. Megan's adoptive mom pretty much said it all that her grandmother isn't interested in a relationship and couldn't care less. Idc what anyone says, there's something very wrong with both her parents. Things could have gone so differently if her mom hadn't cheated on her dad, if she hadn't chosen the wrong men repeatedly, and if she gave a damn about her kids! Shame on her!!!! It's the main job of any mom to protect her kids. Don't have them around random men you barely know. The dad could have fought harder, but he was washed up by 23. Suzanne had such potential. What a waste.

Reviewed by helenahandbasket-93734 9 / 10

Tragic Yet Beautifully Told...

I'd seen this same story told on 48 hours, but this was so much more informative and heartfelt; the tragedy of Suzanne's life from beginning to heartbreaking end is told so poignantly and precisely.

One walks away from this and can only feel that her life was so tumultuous- from her ridiculous mother and the affair while the child's father was fighting a pointless war that left him a shell of his former self, birthing two additional children, then marrying and divorcing that man, decides to go it alone and her story goes from bad to worse, ultimately loosing all 3 girls to the state (there's no definitive answer to this, only the pathetic mother offering incredibly poor excuses) to find her falling for this pathetic excuse for a man, who would ultimately dump the two younger girls at an orphanage and embarking on the travesty that became Suzanne's life.

At one point, this adorable and incredibly intelligent girl had the world in the palm of her hand, only to have this monster destroy it again, tear her from a likely successful collegiate career, and turns her again upside down to further destroy what little joy she'd gathered. That she was able to turn her horrific adolescence into a brilliant success speaks greatly to her character, despite the monstrous influence of this horrible, pathetic man.

She eventually finds herself forced into a life she'd never imagined; having children, forced into exotic dancing and prostitution- surrounded at every turn by devastation and depression.

So many people refused to give up, refused to let her fade into obscurity. An author, a retired FBI agent, and an incredibly brilliant group of DNA genealogists combined forces to finally give this girl the name and proper headstone she deserved, in spite of the monster who'd taken it upon himself to destroy her, her son, and their lives.

This story is so wonderfully done and pays tribute to a brilliant star in the sky who was never able to realize the power of her shine. What a complete and total tragedy that befell this child, and it's an honorable group of people that ultimately ensured her death would not be the end of who she was. What a tragedy that even she never knew who she really was, how many people failed her, and hopefully, her daughter lives a long and love-filled life, as a legacy of what her mother was.

Reviewed by nezbitkn2 7 / 10


I never know how to rate hhese types of programs. Give it an10 and its almost like you enjoyed the sadness of what happened. A solid 7 is to show my respect to the victims. God bless.

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