2022 [TAMIL]

Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 45%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 95%
IMDb Rating 8.4 10 52737

Plot summary

July 08, 2022 at 07:20 PM


Lokesh Kanagaraj

Top cast

Shivani Narayanan as Santhanam's second wife
Gayathrie as Gayathri
Vijay Sethupathi as Santhanam
Karthi as Dilli
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thujan 10 / 10

Kamal is back! Time to show how's it done.

Very engaging screenplay and overall great performances by all stars. A lot of fan moments to enjoy. Looking forward to future installments of the Vikram series. Congratulations to Lokesh and team.

Reviewed by personalacc-87247 9 / 10


This film will not disappoint you. What a comeback from Kamal.

It's a sequel from 2019 Kaithi, every character was detailed properly.

It's definitely not like Master! It's a Marana Lokesh padam.

Vera level work by ANIRUDH!

Family audience should realise this is the new commercial entertainer.

The type of emotional mass masala movies should be dead! It's 2022 not 2005!

Overall: a treat for cinema fans! 9/10

This is the pride of Tamil cinema after multiple failures by big actors! (Not gonna mention who)

Reviewed by nidhunmoviebuff 9 / 10

A fanboy film that celebrates Kamal Hassan to the fullest extent!

The buildup and marketing to Lokesh Kanagaraj's Kamal Hassan starrer "Vikram" has been nothing short of all-encompassing, driven primarily by the fact that the 36-year old young director is yet to direct a sub-par movie, with "Maanagaram (2017)", "Kaithi (2019)" and "Master (2021)", all having been well-received by audiences. And the precocious storyteller delivers, with a mazy yet continuously engaging crime saga with resounding mass elevation sequences and enough emotional hooks to keep the audience invested.

3-time National Award winner for Best Actor Kamal Hassan stars as a grieving father heartbroken at the loss of his son, who was a policeman investigating the burgeoning drug mafia in Chennai and who had, before his mysterious murder, uncovered a staggering cache of illegal drugs the syndicate safeguarded . Enter Fahadh Faasil, a black ops specialist charged with unraveling the mystery around the carnage unleashed by the cartel as a result. Vijay Sethupathi stars as the head honcho of the vicious and vengeful mafia operation and is first shown to the audience in one of the most intricately weaved, deliciously bonkers intro sequences for an antagonist in recent memory.

It is testament to Lokesh Kanagaraj's directorial genius that he manages to give his three lead actors enough room to develop their characters and build a connect with the viewers. If it is Sethupathi's quirky eccentricities that catch the eye, Fahadh's intensity weaves a subplot of its own while Kamal excels in the emotional sequences. Lokesh Kanagaraj had told us to rewatch his classic "Kaithi (2019)" before we went to theaters to watch "Vikram" and with good reason, with the two movies being intricately connected and seemingly leading up to an extensive LKU-A mouth-watering Lokesh Kanagaraj Universe! A fantastic cameo from superstar Suriya is the cherry on the cake, with the actor looking the most stylish and massy he has in years!

The director's penchant for crime thrillers, retro music and biryani continues to hold good for "Vikram" with Anirudh Ravichander's music rendering a soaring sheen to the narrative being built. The callbacks and references to old Kamal classics blend smoothly with the storytelling and are never jarring or contrived. The actor's phenomenal voice modulation and expressive eyes elevate even simple sequences to another level, especially his interactions with his toddler grandson.

Master stunt choreographer duo Anbariv continue the same rich vein of form they displayed in the KGF franchise, but this time sacrificing the larger canvas for more close-quarters, hand-to-hand combat in tight spaces. Girish Gangadharan's cinematographer is other-worldly as usual, soaking up the bone-crunching action in all its glory. Editor Philomin Raj also deserves praise for ensuring that a movie with a seemingly daunting 3 hour run-time is never boring at any stretch.

While you might see many of the plot's twists coming, the visual grammar, treatment and picturization takes your breath away, nevertheless. "Vikram" is yet another endeavor from a superstar fanboy that pays rich dividends, along the lines of Prithviraj's Mohanlal tribute "Lucifer (2019)", Karthik Subbaraj's Rajnikanth-starrer "Pettah (2019)" as well as Amal Neerad's ode to Mammootty, "Bheeshma Parvam (2022)". Highly recommended! Long live the Lokesh Kanagaraj universe!

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drchucho August 31, 2022 at 12:23 am

1080p has also a time and voice delay.

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Upload every film in 1080p Bluray with multi audio.

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i hate the part when they started singing and dancing. look like they are not serious about the story of the movie.

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g8arkitek July 17, 2022 at 11:19 am

this movie has a built-in eng sub or not?

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hindi pls

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awesome post

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Phoebe's lover has made a comeback

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Watch the movie "kaithi" before you watch this movie... Has some correlation bw them.

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720p has a sound delay/early against the video

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Tamil Nadu is soverign Country?

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need it in hindi please

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SeverianoDavid July 12, 2022 at 01:45 pm

I love Indian spices more than I love their movies

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mnadeemdar July 12, 2022 at 11:11 am

every PERSON see this and then check rating . 0/10

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excellins May be you haven't seen great indian movies? Although I agree with the rating part.

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guys remember as long as its hindi movie dont follow rating, indians rate their movies higher than normal becuase they dont really see alot of good movies

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Seems that the 1080 version has some issue near the ending. 720 is fine.

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After long time Kamal Haasan movie . I will see this movie because of Kamal Haasan. He is my favourite actor.