2022 [HINDI]

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July 18, 2022 at 10:08 AM


Nagraj Manjule

Top cast

Amitabh Bachchan as Vijay Borade
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by xrionitx 10 / 10

Awesome is the Word!

Nagraj P Manjule, has yet again delivered a phenomenal splendid job with this movie 'Jhund'. This is the reality of the 80% of india's population. They are in majority but suppressed and intentionally ignored by the actual minor in population which is the rest upper class.

This is the factual drama brought on screen with the help of a real story. And it is not just a documentary style film, it has meaning in each and every scene! All the scenes in the movie are very impact full, rampant and those hit hard on you!

Especially the ending scenes like when the guy has some burden of crimes, and unlawful conscience, but he was baptized on screen when he finally comes out clean from the metal detecting machine door leaving the illegal stuff behind. That scene brings tears. Such an emotional, meaningful hard hitting scene. Similarly the wall of disparity and the real huge wall in the area which they cannot cross being minorities and from slum, but in the end, with their capabilities and talent they not just crossed the wall but they Flew over it! That scene again bring Goosebumps!

Kudos to the director for such a masterpiece. And this must not be a subject to resent especially from only the upper class, just because the minorities are being highlighted and Dr. Ambedkar and Ambedkarites have been displayed with enormity. And they rate it intentionally low. That is shallow heartedness.

Reviewed by wintersoldiers 10 / 10

Beware of haters

The movie is masterpiece in all sense The slum actors are no lesser than the actual trained actors Each character is beautifully presented The music of the movie is apt I'm addicted to all the songs Amitabh bacchan sir is rock solid as always Nagraj manjule sir did the magic what he always do Ajay-atul sir matlab kya bole iss jodi k bare me Matlab ji culture RD Burman aur Kishore kumar ne banaya tha early to say but ajay atul is creating historical music Im happy that Bollywood is learning and making such a realistic movies and believing in such out of the box ideas And all haters who hate slums,poor and backwards they definitely gonna be spitting venom here So just ignore them and go and watch the movie this movie is lifetime experience Loved it.

Reviewed by prathameshbarde 10 / 10

Superb!! "Jhund nahi, team kahiye"

I wish I could describe in words what a fantastic film Jhund is!! If you are thinking whether or not to go for it, watch it right now. It is totally a big screen experience. The direction, music, cast, performances are all top notch. Nagraj Manjule is an absolute legend! Now, it is up to the audience to make this a huge hit!! It totally deserves nationwide attention.

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SakthLaunda profile
SakthLaunda July 23, 2022 at 09:13 am

@kevin85 more like abdul85

kevin85 profile
kevin85 July 20, 2022 at 03:42 pm

oh my fckng god nobody likes indians movies

mrtintin453 profile
mrtintin453 July 18, 2022 at 09:18 pm

Laal Kaptaan 2019 Hindi