Old Surehand

1965 [GERMAN]

Adventure / Western

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Alfred Vohrer

Top cast

Terence Hill as Toby
Stewart Granger as Old Surehand
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Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 4 / 10

Another generic, forgettable character from the Karl May universe

"Old Surehand" is a co-production between West Germany and Yugoslavia and this resulted into a German-language movie from 1965, which means it had its 50th anniversary last year. Of course, if you look at the fact that the title character is played by a British actor or at Italian actor Mario Girotti (before he became Terence Hill) or at all the Yugoslavian actors, you will understand immediately that almost everybody in here is dubbed. But this is nothing new when it comes to Karl May's Winnetou films. Or I could also say also say Alfred Vohrer's as he and his writer Fred Denger worked on quite a few of these adaptations. It runs for slightly under 90 minutes and as such is among the shorter films from the series. Lex Barker is not in here, but Pierre Brice gets some screen time as usual when they are trying to get smaller characters famous. I guess the idea was people with little interest in Old Surehand to say that they still wanna see it at the theaters because of Brice. But here, it did not work out as this film did not result in a sequel although the title suggests it will. There was simply not enough interest by cinema-goers.

I may be a bit biased here as I like westerns, but these Winnetou movies do very little for me. On a positive note, Granger is not that bad and definitely better than Brice in his films, but this is not really due to Granger being memorable, just because of Brice being a very underwhelming actor. As for the story here, it is the same like in the other films: one hero, EWinnetou as his loyal friend, a bad guy, a side kick to the hero who brings in some comedy etc. But it is nothing new or creative at all. As with basically all the other Winnetou films, the biggest weakness here is the lack of shades. The characters are either 100% good or 100% bad, nothing in-between. The character elaborations are very underwhelming. The bad guys simply shoot some innocent buffaloes, so we get to hate them. Not good enough. And the main antagonist, to be honest, is completely bland and forgettable. He never seemed dangerous at all, not even when he is about to shoot a friend of the good guy at the very end. They had to include that because the hero of course does not shoot at good guys. And of course, the good guys (Surehand and Winnetou) are masters when it comes to shooting and never miss a target while the bad guys basically miss every target. Yawn. The more I think about it the more I guess 4 stars out of 10 is still too high of a rating. So lets not think about it any further. I suggest you watch something else instead.

Reviewed by unbrokenmetal 8 / 10

Many scenes stick to my memory...

The movie was originally entitled „Old Surehand I", because famous German novelist Karl May wrote a trilogy around the Old Surehand character. Yet movie no.1 was not followed by any sequel. Stewart Granger had played the same role before in „Der Ölprinz" and „Unter Geiern", though, and his portrait of a tricky, tongue-in-cheek westerner was loved by many fans, though others argued his Old Surehand was a completely new creation, not one of May's novels.

The movie tells how the son of an Indian chief is murdered. A villain simply called the General (Larry Pennell) is responsible for this - and much more. Old Surehand (Stewart Granger) tries to stop the Indians from attacking the innocent settlers.

Among the cast, you will notice a very young Terence Hill, still under his real name Mario Girotti in 1965. Also Milan Srdoc deserves mentioning. He portrays Old Wabble, Surehand's friend, as a nervous coward with an unexpected tragic edge. Overall, the movie is well paced, funny and tremendously entertaining. Many scenes stick to my memory: the precise shot from long distance which saves the passengers of the train in the opening scene, the night at the station when bandits try and poison Surehand and certainly the most unusual „battle" between the army and the Indians, while Pierre Brice as Winnetou and the great landscape of Slovenia and Croatia are strong and trusted trademarks of the series.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

Thrilling and touching story about Old Surehand and Winnetou , well performed by Granger and Brice

This is a highly entertaining film based on Karl May trilogy novels , it starts with Old Surehand ( Stewart Granger ) in an exciting opening sequence when he rides onto the screen and soon rescues to train passengers attacked by bandits . After that , the outlaws killing American buffalo for originating a war against white-men . Later on , Indians raid a ranch , the Indian chief's son comes to the little town for a peace treatise but he's treacherously murdered . Meanwhile , Old Sureland befriends an old man ad his nephew ( Letitia Milan who played the first Mario Bava's Giallo: ¨Girl who knew too much¨ ) and his fiancé , a judge assistant ( Terence Hill or Mario Girotti, previous his successful Trinity ). There's an emotional love story between them , and they are taken prisoners by Indians . Sureland set on pursuit of his killer's brother and attempts to pacify the Indians . Of course , he encounters his Indian-brother Winnetou ( Pierre Brice ) at an emotional meeting . The clues lead a gunrunner named the General ( Larry Pennell ).

This is an agreeable episode about one of the series of popular German made Western , featuring the duo formed by valiant ¨Old Surehand¨ and immortal ¨Winnetou¨ , they repeat their same noted roles as dignified as always . This enjoyable saga benefits from sensational adventures , shootouts , larger-than-life characters and spectacular scenarios shot in Yugoslavia . Stewart Granger took the role in two occasions ( ¨Among vultures¨ and this one ) and Pierre Brice starred all the series and he went on filming television episodes . Chemistry between them is quite match , Stewart Granger scores especially high marks , he plays with mirth and liking manner . His predecessor was the serious Lex Barker who starred a diverse character but the roles are pretty similar , he played the most part of series : ¨Apache gold(1963)¨ by Harald Reinl, ¨Apaches last Battle(1964)¨ by Hugo Fregonese, ¨Last of renegades(1964)¨, ¨The desperate trail¨, ¨Old Shatterland(1966)¨ by Harald Philipp, ¨In the valley of death(1968)¨ by Harald Reinl , besides Rod Cameron starred only one : ¨Old Firehand¨ directed by Alfred Vohrer. The film displays a colorful cinematography and a catching musical score by usual series , Martin Bottcher . The motion picture produced by Rialto Productions is convincingly directed by Alfred Vohrer who directed various Karl May titles , besides he was a German thriller expert called Krimi ( Edward Wallace adaptation ) .

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