Toolsidas Junior

2022 [HINDI]

Action / Drama / Family / Sport

IMDb Rating 7.4 10 2186

Plot summary

July 27, 2022 at 04:57 AM


Mridul Toolsidas

Top cast

Sanjay Dutt as Mohammad Salaam
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stylishboy004 7 / 10

Adieu Shree Rajiv Kapoor ji.

I just watched and felt this nearly 2 hour movie, and I have to say I am taken aback by what I experienced. It is a well shot movie, low budget but highly standardised, excellent acting and good script.

Without writing any spoilers I will just say that this movie is made from the heart and soul, and there isn't any moment one would feel that there is superficialness in this film whatsoever!

Dalip Tahil a veteran actor, Rajiv Kapoor a veteran actor and Sanjay Dutt also a veteran actor, all join forces to make it the movie that it is.

It was really sad that Rajiv Kapoor couldn't watch the release of his last movie taking place, but the work that has been done by everyone including the new young actor has been fabulous and a fitting tribute to the KAPOOR FAMILY.

<3 REST IN PEACE Rajiv Kapoor.

Reviewed by sanjeevanwar 7 / 10

Free Flow of emotion

Anwar Says: A much predictable real life story with feel good factor and finds smile on your face at the end. Normally in child prodigies based movies, parents are pushy but here the protagonist finds his way to find his goal . And what better place than Kolkata be chosen to tell you the story.

No massy dialogues, no tantrums , no action scenes and only one soothing number by Arijit Singh , still you flow with the script, thanks to Ashutosh Gowariker, who helped the writer- director Mridul in screenplay. It was Rajeev Kapur's last film and he would make you emotional in some sequences with his son. Sanjay Dutt gave an enthralling performance as coach with Bollywood Tadka of Amitabh Bachchan, Rajnikant and Mithunda style snooker shots . But the show stealer is Varun Budhdev , the Tulsidas Jr. , who acts with his eyes.

A simple motivational journey told with a steady pace by the real life junior in the beautifully captured Kolkata bylanes and CSC . Watch it on Netflix , 7/10 from me .

#Netflix #anwarsays #tulsidasjr #calcuttasportsclub #snooker #snookeratymc #kolkatatram #RajivKapoor #childprodigy #movie2022 #moviereview.

Reviewed by sameerlodaya 7 / 10

Well played junior

Sameer lodaya

I think it's the first Hindi movie on snooker

I was just surfing the tv where I saw this movie yesterday and it was going good..Sanjay Dutt played a role of a coach which was hard hitting with witty and funny dialogues..the junior Varun played his role extremely well and was very energetic he with Sanjay Dutt carried the movie successfully

Little polishing was required with professionally supported would have taken this movie to new heights.

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mt99 profile
mt99 July 28, 2022 at 05:15 am

Gangs of Wasseypur part 2 please.