A Splash of Love


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.0 10 528

Plot summary

August 06, 2022 at 02:14 PM


Heather Hawthorn Doyle

Top cast

Benjamin Hollingsworth as Ben Winters
Rhiannon Fish as Chloe Turner
Laura Soltis as Mary Martin
Brad Abramenko as Adrian
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by av1211 1 / 10

Beautiful Scenery, Stupid Female Lead

I tried to get past how stupid the female lead character was, but I couldn't. Here was a student studying for her PhD who totally lacked common sense. I guess the writer needed a cute meet set up which I could get overlook, but the character continued to act like an idiot. I really wanted to see this movie for the location and subject matter, but making the female lead an idiot was not for me. I may fast forward through it to make it watchable or just watch a nature program.

Reviewed by lancemdonnelly 2 / 10

Painfull to watch lead female character

I was actually looking forward to watching this movie. It took all of 5 minutes to be disappointed. The lead female character was painful to watch. She acted like an idiot. Like an aggravating excited child that keeps on going. Whatever happened to strong female leads that Hallmark is known for. I don't blame the actor, I blame the director. I've seen this strong female leading lady in Journey of my Heart and she was wonderful. This particular character made me cringe. I was hoping she would snap out of it, but she did not. What should have been a great movie with great scenery was a total disaster. Come on Hallmark, you should have known better.

Reviewed by caseybones 2 / 10

What a total mess

I only gave it a two for the scenery, I'd give it a minus 10 for the story and acting. This is was a new low for Hallmark on so many levels.

Ditzy, airhead doctoral candidate swoops in to a "whale watching community" and with her superb skills, saves the quaint little B&B (apparently the town is populated by total rubes) from financial disaster. While this is a town with one road but right on the water, nobody but the perky genius comes up with the idea of picking the tourists up by boat? The town is loaded with fisherman but the brainy visitor saves the day by suggesting.......seafood instead of steak?

And do NOT get me started on the whole orca storyline. I have spent many years involved in orca studies in that area and NOT ONE SINGLE FACT WAS CORRECT. The picture of "pregnant Betty" was a shot of a male orca for cripe's sake! And she was getting super close ups with a standard lens; Hallmark didn't even pop for a pretend telephoto.

Then the vapid twit has to explain a hydrophone to a guy who supposedly makes his living doing whale watch trips? There is a whole network of hydrophones installed in the area and virtually every boat has one on board.

You do NOT get a doctorate by doing a thesis based on a theory that you have absolutely no facts with which to back it up especially on an animal you know nothing about.

Then we have the supposed love interest who jets in from Miami, drops by to be told "we don't click" then "mkaybye".

I bet the people of Telegraph Cove, BC (called Cable Cove in this mess) will boycott Hallmark for the rest of their lives.

Hallmark, you never fail to disappoint. This was a new low.

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