Big Sky River


Drama / Romance

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August 15, 2022 at 09:38 PM


Peter Benson

Top cast

Emmanuelle Vaugier as Tara Kendall
Lochlyn Munro as Hutch
Kavan Smith as Sheriff Boone Taylor
Peter Benson as James
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MichaelByTheSea 10 / 10

Emmanuelle Vaugier shines as a divorcee trying to find love while honoring the strong bond with her "ex" stepdaughter

I watched this movie because I loved the lead actress Emmanuelle Vaugier in Hallmark's wonderful Love in Paradise movie with the recently departed Luke Perry. She's quite beautiful but she's also great at playing a strong female character. And as another reviewer noted, she knows how to ride a horse (and get dirty on a ranch). I was surprised, and pleased, not to see the NYC city girl "fish out of water" trope overplayed. And yet Tara did need some help from time to time which helped fuel her attraction to Boone (played by the dependable Hallmark vet Kavan Smith).

The love story was fine, but I was really fascinated by the rather unique situation of her relationship with her stepdaughter (played convincingly by Hallmark child actress vet Cassidy Nugent). Hallmark has been more and more willing to get "real" with their story lines. The lazy default was often a romance between an unmarried character who had never found "the right one" and someone whose spouse had died or conveniently disappeared.

That's the not the real world for most 30-50 year olds (the average age range for Hallmark leads). With nearly half of all marriages ending in divorce (even worse rates for 2nd and 3rd marriages), most dating options in that age group come with divorce baggage. And that baggage is a little different in this movie, which Hallmark developed from a book by #1 New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller (actually Book 3 in the Parable series for those wanting more). There's a few significant changes by writer J. B. White, who did an AWFUL job with Road Trip Romance, and this much better movie almost makes up for that truly awful movie (as a Hallmark movie junkie, I rarely trash a Hallmark movie, but yeeech!)

In the Miller book, Erin was a twin, Boone lived in a trailer, his kids lived with his sister after his wife died, Tara actually bought her place and moved there to be a chicken farmer, and they did not get along at all after they first met). I like the changes.

But the key detail in the movie that fascinated me was that Tara, though not her biological mother, was the only mother that Erin had ever really known during her 13 years. The divorce would have been a major emotional upheaval in her life and, a year later, as her father had moved on with someone else, she was feeling some understandable angst, confusion and resentment. The movie does a good job helping the audience feel her dread at the fact that her "Mom" would leave for the entire summer while she was forced to suddenly spend time with (and unwillingly accept) a new woman in her father's life (and with whom she had no connection).

In hindsight, it would have been a good idea for Tara to have legally adopted Erin, but not having done so, she had no legal rights over Erin despite what appears to be a decade of "motherhood" and the bonds that obviously grew between them. It was actually quite heartbreaking. And the movie, admirably, doesn't provide easy answers.

Peter Benson is probably the best go to guy for the "wrong" boyfriend/husband role. I just watched him be really annoying ("go for Brad") in Falling For Vermont, a warm, comforting blanket of a movie which I've now seen for maybe the 6th time. His character here (James) borders on self absorbed caricature, but they pull him back a bit, though not much. It might be time to throw Benson a bone and give him a role where he gets the girl.

There's also some nice drone shots and some cool tracking shots during the barbecue. And the child actors playing Boone's sons are solid, as is the rest of the cast. This is definitely a top tier Hallmark movie, and I always grade Hallmark on a curve (which is how this and Casablanca, a far better movie, both get 10s).

Bring back Emmanuelle Vaugier ASAP!

Reviewed by mcnab-54953 9 / 10

One of the Better Ones

Watched this with my wife and it is a very good film. The leads do a fine job and the kids are actually good actors. Not sappy. The previous reviewer was upset that a birth mother would desert her daughter and only watched two minutes of the film. She is not her birth mother and states that right at the beginning. I suggest they try watching again and will find the film very rewarding.

Reviewed by nptomey 7 / 10

Rewarding movie

I truly enjoyed this movie. It moved fluidly and the stars did a fine job bringing the movie to life. This is one of Hallmark's best movies. My only comment was with Kavan Smith's horseback ride. Cowboys don't post in the saddle. Emmanuelle Vaugier really knows how to ride. It was a treat to have female stars that didn't squeal like teenage girls the way they do in so many Hallmark Movies. It was a pleasure to watch this movie and have mature actors. The children in the movie were also quite good.

All in all with the beautiful setting the music and the actors and actresses it was a satisfying entry.

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