The Demon's Baby

1998 [CN]

Horror / Romance

Plot summary

March 07, 2023 at 10:02 PM


Kant Leung

Top cast

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Reviewed by DavyDissonance 8 / 10

Kung Fu Abortion

If only this movie was based on real events. The pro choice bunch would have a field day with this and have the moral high ground for logical fetal termination. Anyways, The Demons Baby is wonderful. It's about some evil spirit inseminating 5 women so they can birth out demon babies to conquer the world and some Taoist priest must stop it. You'll have to ween through 40 or so minutes of plot before greatness occurs and it's worth it. At some point of the film, I almost died from laughter when these two guys where playing soccer with an embryo trying to put it back in the woman's womb then the Taoist priest chopped the embryo in half. The horror elements are great with these women with vertical openings of their bellies with the monster fetuses inside. The blood and gore factor is good and happy fun. As I say, the first 40 minutes is a little dry but when the horror comes out in force, it's absurdly great.

Reviewed by alienlegend 4 / 10

Split over this.

You don't get the demon babies until 49 min in and the more you see of them, the more it's obvious why since they look pretty bad when completely revealed. Just their teeth and tentacles, their wombs opening, etc. Look fine but the full shots are quite silly. I think the melodrama with the wives is a bit boring too and I was hoping the opening might have the babies attack or something but it takes forever to get to that. I did actually like the budding romance between Six and Yu. Surprisingly I also really enjoyed Anthony Wong in this. He's very funny here whereas in a lot of other CATIII films, his over-the-top performances tend to annoy me but here I actually think he was hilarious. The few hopping zombies are fun too. I'll be honest I was hoping for a little nudity but it's extremely dry in that department and it does take too long to get to the good stuff. But hey, maybe you'll get more of it like the other reviewer. I think in hindsight it is rather unique (almost like Raise the Red Lantern meets a monster baby movie) and I do like the ballsy dark ending. I just wish it was more entertaining and delivered more on the monster front. The horror isn't really horrifying at all. It's very cheesy but if you know that going in, you might enjoy it a lot more.

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