Untold: Operation Flagrant Foul


Crime / Documentary / History / Sport

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August 30, 2022 at 05:31 PM


David Terry Fine

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Reviewed by nerevol 1 / 10

Operation Bias - Skip It

This doc is a complete sham. Go read a real investigation completed by Sean Patrick Griffin called Gaming the Game or listen to him on any number of podcasts. He explains the whole sordid story in detail after thorough interviews and research. His evidence and research completely blows up the Netflix narrative.

Donaghy is a liar and fixed games. The NBA helped cover it up to make it seem like a lone wolf. Netflix dropped the ball here by trusting a liar. There should have been some level of investigation into his narrative that didn't happen.

The conclusion that the NBA and FBI aitted Donaghy didn't fix games is a lie. The NBA directly refutted that conclusion in 2019.

Reviewed by lfc357 8 / 10

A crook working for a bigger crook

Well done documentary about a crooked official working for a league of crooks. My main takeaway is confirmation that the NBA is the dirtiest league in all of professional sports. David Stern was a master manipulator who blatantly fixed games to get the best results. If you are a diehard NBA fan don't watch this, because it show you are just watching basketball's equivalent of the wwe. The producers do a really good job of showing just how dirty everyone, including David Stern, truly was in this era. Now that the NBA and other leagues have embraced legal sports gambling, the game fixing is going to get worse.

Reviewed by helenahandbasket-93734 8 / 10

Hard To Rate High

As grotesque as this story is, it's told so expertly and thoroughly that it deserves the 8 given.

Donaghy and his wife/ex however, can crawl right back into the hole from whence they came; at least have the cajones to admit what you took part in, for sobbing out loud.

Yes, the NBA and the FBI are corrupt, this is no secret, especially what's been uncovered in recent history, but that IN NO WAY negates your criminality. Some day perhaps, Tim will finally admit to his part in this farce, but it's blatantly obvious he's no intention of doing so now. His wife/ex (they never say whether she divorced him but I'd guess she jumped ship) bragging about the lifestyle, the earrings, the money is sickening. Then to feign offense at others being repelled is hilarious- you cut bait on your husband, you think friends won't walk away from people who've corrupted a game for monetary profit?

The ancillary characters are definitely interesting- the FBI agent who eludes to further corruption, Tim's attorney, Baba, they're all necessary to further develop the story, and are utilized effectively to really tell the story for those who were either unaware or not born.

For those of us who do recall with vivid memories the fallout of this, it's still no less insane than it was at the time. I was as big of a Chicago Bulls fan who's ever lived, and I'll willingly admit that the entire game slanted to MJs ethos- how could it not? He saved them in every way possible, made them mountains of money, and brought in eyeballs to view the GOAT.

That being said, after Donaghys story broke and the levels of corruption were laid bare to anyone paying attention, I ceased viewing. I halted my season tickets. I no longer cared to take part in the ritual that became more like a religion to those who still watch today. Anyone looking with any intelligence could see how horrific the professional game had become- the corruption of the league, the behavior of officials, ownership, players, it all weaves a thoroughly disgusting story.

This is a tale long overdue, and I'm glad someone decided to bring it up. A well-told tale that shows how gross Donaghy still is, and I hope he rots.

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TruthTellingHurts profile
TruthTellingHurts September 18, 2022 at 02:36 am

Applies to NBA, MLB, MLS, NHL etc and especially to the NFL