Sam Morril: Same Time Tomorrow



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September 02, 2022 at 11:46 AM


James Webb

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Sam Morril as
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Reviewed by tkdlifemagazine 7 / 10

Very Dry and Funny

A very Marc Maron-like delivery. While his delivery and tone are very much like Maron's, his material is less controversial. He has a very plain spoke and unique perspective on the word. He does some observational humor that is not sweet and benign, but is cutting edge. His level of sarcasm and his dry delivery made me laugh out loud multiple times during this special. He looks like he stayed out way to late partying the night before this show and it really works in this one. I have heard some of his bits before but this is the first special of his I have seen and it is better than a lot of them.

Reviewed by genious-35413 10 / 10

Thank God For the Good Comedy Specials

Things were looking very bleak for the Netlix comedy specials. It was perplexing that Netflix had a comedy festival and that so many specials that came out on Netflix were so utterly bad. Especially the 'And Friends' specials that were inexplicably bad and the Whitney Cummings which was equally bad, but not that surprising.. But now, we're finally getting the good ones: Bill Burr Live at Red Rocks, Tim Dillon. And this Sam Morril special which is less than 45 minutes but filled with A material - and a little bit of crowd work. He had some great material during the pandemic and now, some great takes on abortion, politics without being divisive. He truly is a master and this special ranks right up with all of the greats that Netflix has.

Reviewed by karangera100 10 / 10

Well written, but fantastically executed

If you're a real comedy nerd, you know about Sam. He's been on the road for at least a decade (?), 2 Comedy Central specials, 1 Peak-pandemic YouTube special, and after so many late night appearances.... A Netflix Special.

Sam walks us fans through his material writing process on the We Might Be Drunk Podcast with Mark Normand, and it is incredibly satisfying to see his best work come to fruition. The writing style does leverage classic comedy tropes like the bait and switch "Switcheroo", the callback, etc., but at the same time, the material is fresh, relevant, and it pushes the edge, which is exactly what comedy is supposed to be about.

Very satisfying. Very funny. Incredibly well delivered. And bonus - you get to witness some cool crowdwork as well

When's the next one, "I tell ya!" .

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