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March 17, 2023 at 04:26 PM


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Reviewed by laduqesa 2 / 10

Dreary and boring

I'm kicking myself that I actually watched this tosh to the end instead of going with my instincts and switching off after ten minutes. I just thought that something, anything, interesting had to happen.

The camerawork was dreadful. Long shots panning around pools and forests occasionally following naked people that had no reason to be there and no explanation of where they had come from.

There's no back story apart from a fanciful recitation at the beginning of a mystical near drowning. Characters are introduced willynilly. At some point a daughter turns up.

Yet again as with so many, the film was artiness for the sake of it and not for the purpose of telling a riveting story, making an aperçu on life or introducing innovative work.

The acting looked forced, particularly the extras in the shamanistic scenes whose caresses and movements were utterly unconvincing. But that could be said for the actors with speaking parts too, not that there was much dialogue anyway.

This was real waste of time. I'd rather have been asleep, I think. It truly was that bad.

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