Hit: The First Case

2022 [HINDI]

Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
IMDb Rating 6.9 10 12552

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September 04, 2022 at 06:11 AM


Sailesh Kolanu

Top cast

Rajkummar Rao as Vikra m Rao
Sanya Malhotra as Neha
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Perspicuity1 6 / 10

A weak climax ruins the experience.

HIT is a like an episode of Crime Patrol (television show) with some brilliant acting by Rajkummar Rao. I guess television shows like Crime Patrol are the reason we don't get to see a lot of suspense thriller kind of movies, where a detective solves a murder mystery. This film is actually a very engaging thriller till it reaches it's third act, where it completely fizzles out. The director clearly knows that attention span of audience is reducing constantly, so he has paced his film in such a way that the dialogues of the next scene become audible even before the visuals of ongoing scene have reached an end; in other words the proceedings of the film don't allow you to take a break or get bored. For the most part, the screenplay intrigues you and keeps you guessing about the identity of the culprit; but unfortunately the writers and director couldn't figure out how to end this film, in a way that would have justified the buildup till that point.

Rajkummar Rao is one of the absolute best when it comes to acting performances. His script selection is questionable, as he often ends up doing some rather below par movies, but his dedication to the project as an actor is unquestionable. Rajkummar is without a doubt the best thing about this film; his stressed out face makes you believe that he is actually going through a tough time and is fighting with the sorrows of his past. Rajkummar's intensity always reminds me of the young Shah Rukh Khan, he delivers his dialogues with so much passion that it feels like he is genuinely experiencing all those emotions; Rajkummar doesn't act, he always becomes the person he portrays and his honest portrayal allows you to believe in the authenticity of the world in which the story of the film is unfolding.

Although there is not much humour in the film, but one particular scene was truly hilarious. The conversation that Rajkummar Rao has with Professor Chandrashekhar made me laugh even though the actors maintained a straight face throughout. It just shows the range that Rajkummar Rao possesses, he is mostly known for his serious roles but his comic timing is equally amazing.

The track involving Shilpa Shukla was rather bizarre; why would any person in their normal senses play a prank like that? Was she not worried about Police action and the court case she would be embroiled in because of her stupidity? Also, who sends their car to servicing with so many personal items kept in the back ? Her whole storyline was a little difficult to digest, and I wish the writers had come up with something else, because it felt too childish.

Why was inspector Ibrahim killed ? Why did he just keep standing there in the park waiting for a bullet to knock him off? Also, Ibrahim said that Fahaad worked in his area, he often visited his garage to get his car repaired, so how it is that he never recognized the blue car at his garage? And of course, Inspector Akshay appearing out of the blue in that scene to save Vikram's life made no sense at all.

Another thing that bothered me throughout was that Vikram kept giving every job to Rohit. I can understand, there is a lot of workload, so they need to divide work, but this was a bit too much; after every five minutes Vikram gave Rohit some work to do, as if he was his assistant. Why couldn't Vikram do some of the work ? The story was written in this manner just to explain their ending, Vikram never paid attention, Rohit handled all the evidence, so he had ample opportunity to mix things up and give the case a direction of his liking. Vikram relying so much on Rohit just didn't feel organic, it felt more like a plot convenience than a well thought out storyline. A good suspense thriller manages to surprise us in the end despite showing everything; we feel a rush of excitement after connecting the dots and realizing that the truth was right in front of us, we were just not looking at it. But in this film, they decided to hide everything, every single event took place off screen, which made the ultimate reveal a little flat.

The ending of the film was extremely weak. Sapna's behavior made no sense at all; she didn't come across as psychotic, her behavior was quite normal throughout the film, so why was she chasing after someone who was refusing her constantly? What made the climax even more unconvincing was Nuveksha's (the girl who played Sapna) poor acting. After an interesting buildup, the climax was a major letdown.

What made Sanya Malhotra sign this film? She had nothing to do in this, so I don't get why an actress like her who has been selecting projects very carefully off late agree to do a project like this. I kept waiting for some kind of twist about her to surface, but it never happened. I felt perhaps Vikram's past is linked to the disappearance of Neha, and he will find peace only after resolving that mystery, but that was never really the case.

In conclusion, I will say that HIT is not exactly a bad film, it actually has a lot to like in it, but the ending just leaves you with a feeling of disappointment and emptiness, because you don't feel satisfied with it.

Reviewed by tripurari_rai 5 / 10

Wastage a good story :(

Original Movie was fantastic. Though it was copy I was very happy that Rajkumar Rao is playing main lead but but but....typical bollywood stereotypes has been inserted in screen play.

1) Feminism in Neha introduction scene 2) Gay Kiss when they went to to pub 3) Dog lover scene 4) During introspection with college professor showing how old thinks about Indian culture is getting impacted by new generations.

5) Last but not least lesbian plot in climax .

I mean why not these sreen writers make it true screen play rather adding these preaching idea.

Disappointing that they wastage a very good story which was already a master piece.

Reviewed by winak 4 / 10

Just an ok movie !!

Rajkumar has played many characters very well but he does not have the strong personality to play the police officer required in this movie. The character too is portrayed as weak and frail to impress the audience. One of the absurdities were that two 14 year olds, previously friends not being able to recognize one another a few years later. Features don't change that much from teenaged years onwards. On the technical side editing was not of the highest calibre so scenes seems to start and end abruptly. The last scene was just a shameless attempt of money grab by turning the movie into an unnecessary franchise. I have seen way better crime thrillers in a web series.

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