Love's Portrait


Action / Drama / Romance

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September 12, 2022 at 01:13 PM


John Lyde

Top cast

Aubrey Reynolds as Lily
Kathryn McKiernan as Saoirse
Richard McWilliams as William
Jessi Melton as Kate
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nptomey 5 / 10

Relaxing movie, highlighted by the beauty of Ireland.

From the opening of the movie, the conclusion was already known. Hallmark did a reasonable job with it.

I was annoyed with Lily's boss at the begining of the show and with Lily's obsession with her dead husband. She struck me as being quite self absorbed.

It carried over to her arrival in Ireland, culminating in running William off the road. The plot thickens when William caught up with her at the post. His anger turning into shock when he saw her.

William did an excellent job of expressing his shock.. She struck me as being completely disengaged with her costars. As the movie progressed, she became a bit more connected when they began the quest to find out how a portrait of her showed up at the museum and who sent it. While tracking down the person who sent the portrait, we were treated to the beauty of Ireland.

This was a satisfying movie and a lot more calm than many Hallmark movies. It was a nice departure from the usual. Using actual Irish actors was soothing. I have always loved an Irish accent. Not a heart throbber, but sweet.

Reviewed by danliftman 10 / 10

A beautiful story!

Love's Portrait is a 1st rate romance. I was instantly drawn to it when I read that it takes place in Ireland. I love young romance and I knew I'd enjoy seeing the scenery of Ireland. I was right.

The cinematography was outstanding.

All the performers are wonderful. You'll fall in love with the two leads. At each moment of the story, I eagerly awaited the next. There were many very enjoyable funny moments, but the romantic elements were the best.

Art lovers will enjoy that element of the plot. You'll definitely be cheering for things to work out well for the lead couple. They're really charming. I'm not ashamed to say that this 70-year-old guy cried tears of joy at the end.

Love's Portrait is delightful. I can't think of a better way to spend two hours. I'd watch it again right now.

Reviewed by sandpark-70052 9 / 10

Beautiful film

I enjoyed this film very much. The accents were real and not faked as in many Hallmark movies. I recognized many places they visited as sites we traveled to on our tours in Ireland. The scenery and music made me feel as if I was back there again. The story was sweet and fanciful without need to be realistic - it was like an Irish story being told where you don't know how much is real and how much is fantasy but it doesn't really matter in the end. All that matters is the love and connections made. I think the main characters had chemistry and were believable. I don't understand why the female lead carried an umbrella while the male lead did not since it didn't look like it was raining at the time that they were visiting each O'Brien in the area.

One annoyance was the friend/boss Michelle who acted wooden and unrealistically pushy.

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