Always Amore



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September 13, 2022 at 05:46 PM


Kevin Fair

Top cast

Autumn Reeser as Elizabeth
Tyler Hynes as Ben
Patty McCormack as Nonna
Jovanna Huguet as Charlotte
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by EPMD57 4 / 10

Marco Marco Marco

If you aren't sick of hearing the name Marco by the halfway point of this movie then you need your ears checked. There isn't even a live character named Marco in the movie and yet he is referenced dozens of times -- and every time the name is said with a forced Italian accent.

But that's really a minor issue. The major issue with this movie is that it's dull. I know not to expect much in the way of excitement with Hallmark movies, but this one was legitimately sleepy.

Nothing wrong with the cast -- the writing just needed to be better.

Reviewed by spikeluvr 3 / 10

A different movie

I must have watched a different movie than the rest of the reviewers. The one I watched had way too many grating fake Italian accents, a story that wasn't at all believable and two leads with no chemistry whatsoever. What kind of successful restaurant insists on keeping an old, stale menu even when they're going bankrupt? What kind of restaurant owner and chef refuse to try new dishes just because someone who's been dead for three years didn't create them? I usually like the two main leads but the script was a dud and there was nothing they could do to save it.

Reviewed by cgvsluis 7 / 10

Beautiful family run Italian restaurant needing help.

This film was filled with family and grief over the loss of a loved one. Autumn Reeser's character is forced to work with a restaurant consultant who is brought in to help her rescue her deceased Italian chef husband's restaurant.

Initially she had difficulty trusting the consultant and their relationship is strained...but as she puts it a lot of people have put their trust in her and it took her a while to see that she could put her trust in the consultant.

The consultant who is a bit of a vagabond and also still grieving over the death of his fiancé...enjoys the "family" of this restaurant, where all the employees get Monday off and they all have a family style sit down dinner to which he gets invited.

I understand Giada de Laurentiis was used as a consultant on the film...and I will say the food was drool-worthy.

It was supposed to be set on Bainbridge Island, Washington...where I am from and I can definitively say that it was not filmed in Bainbridge, nor did they make any attempt to make it appear that it was to my disappointment.

I think there is a statistic that something like 70% of restaurants fail...that gave real melancholy to this movie in which a restaurant is on the cusp and really trying to keep the memory of the late chef alive.

This was a worthwhile watched...I loved the Nona and her heart and being ok to grieve, love and celebrate the family that we make.

(I am still wondering why hallmark is running so many movies in which one parent has been killed? There has been a lot of death and single parents lately.)

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Tahir571 profile
Tahir571 September 15, 2022 at 05:06 am

Italian American Delight

Bungleby_Joyce profile
Bungleby_Joyce September 13, 2022 at 10:32 pm

meh out of 10

BrideOfCheekyBugger profile
BrideOfCheekyBugger September 13, 2022 at 10:11 pm

A bit like Mussolini ... Over the top Italian ... started off with a grand plan ... but could have been executed a lot better in the end! ;)

Shtarker profile
Shtarker September 13, 2022 at 05:21 pm

A complete load of PFFFFFFT !!! :P