A Trip to Infinity



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 71%
IMDb Rating 6.9 10 970

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September 26, 2022 at 10:59 AM


Jonathan Halperin

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ironfist699 9 / 10

If u dont understand it...it does mean its bad...

Most reviews r from people who didnt ever start to understand what was that docu adout.its not all science or all philosophy.we need to see the bigger picture and think outside the box,dont dismiss what is hard to understand.these people tried to give incredibley complicated stuff to almost everyone... scientists and philosophers are trying to meet..and it s a good try.ever if someone didnt understand anything,its still a fun 70 minutes!!!but...i m sure,that everyone who really watch this docu ,will in some point learn something.that is for sure.thanx to all who participated and tried to explain and share with us all that knowledge.

Reviewed by skatenorulez 7 / 10

Not for everyone, sorry

Not a documentary for people without a scientific background, most of the concepts are pretty complex and will not be understandable by the regular folk. In fact, many people will probably be offended just because they don't believe in science in the first place and want to live in blissful ignorance. That is why it has reviews below 5 stars.

There is also the risk of people mistaking infinity with god, which is a long stretch. Infinity is a mathematical convention that helps us understand things outside our scale, but math in itself isn't even a perfect representation of reality (although we use it as an approximation). There probably is a complex math-like language underlying the tissue of reality, one that could explain what infinity really aims to be, but it is still not within our reach.

An advice: if you felt interested or doubtful about the concepts represented in this documentary, they are not new, there are a thousand of youtube videos and creators devoted to explain this matter better.

Reviewed by charles-limcw 5 / 10

Nice Visuals, Weak on Content

As seems to be the norm for Netflix type so-called 'documentaries', visual presentation trumps content depth, breadth and clarity.

Too much on-and-on ramblings on common and minor aspects, and some screen time are just downright irrelevant and totally time wasting - like literally waiting for the train to pass as the interviewee just sat there.

Pertinent and more complex concepts on the other hand are quickly glossed over or just left hanging.

The whole attempt seems to hinge on decorating narratives around the visuals rather than the other way round. Visual quotas seem to be the priority regardless of relevance.

Overall - weak. Only for the very casual viewer of this otherwise highly interesting topic.

For viewers who are already familiar with the rudimentaries of 'infinity' from much better documentaries, give this a miss. Not worth your finite conscious time.

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herbg profile
herbg October 03, 2022 at 08:19 pm

This is really kind of silly. Any physicist will tell you, if you use infinity (or any similar term) it means, "You don't know", because "infinity" has no meaning or value. They're playing word games. 4/10

leehelck profile
leehelck September 27, 2022 at 06:50 pm

a great documentary that is visually entertaining as well.

badsocket13 profile
badsocket13 September 26, 2022 at 11:35 pm

Now those comments made me laugh!

walt74 profile
walt74 September 26, 2022 at 07:53 pm

I jacked one out for all 3 of you guys. Relax.

johnbgood52 profile
johnbgood52 September 26, 2022 at 05:00 pm

"you lousy losers will masturbate to this" You know that from experience, do you, Skippy?