A Love Song



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 96%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
IMDb Rating 7.0 10 497

Plot summary

September 27, 2022 at 07:44 AM


Max Walker-Silverman

Top cast

Dale Dickey as Faye
Wes Studi as Lito
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chenp-54708 7 / 10

A simple but touching love story

Saw this back at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.

The story is about two childhood sweethearts, both now widowed, share a night by a lake in the mountains. The narrative isn't anything special as we have seen similar stories like this presented in the past years of cinema. But due to Max Walker-Silverman's direction, the movie was still able to feel natural and touching at the same time. Silverman was able to keep the movie afloat with beautiful camerawork and some really good sound design. It makes the audience really feel like they are outside of the hills.

Actors Dale Dicky and Wes Studi in my opinion are some of the most underrated actors. Dicky and Studi's chemistry both help to keep the characters engaging with their performances helping to build their purpose. The nice atmosphere and soundtrack provided help to keep the movie like a melody. Storywise, it isn't anything special but I was still able to connect with this movie.

Rating: B.

Reviewed by trinaboice 9 / 10

A touching ballad of love and loss

IN A NUTSHELL: Faye (Dale Dickey) is a lone traveler biding her time fishing, birding, and stargazing at a rural Colorado campground as she awaits the arrival of Lito (Wes Studi), a figure from her past who is navigating his own tentative and nomadic journey across the rugged West. Like the country music that has traditionally channeled the heartbreak and resilience of Americans in search of themselves and others, A Love Song weaves a lyrical and ultimately joyful refrain out of the transformative act of being alone -and reminds us that love can nourish and mystify at any age.

This lovely, simple movie feels like a sad ballad. It was written and directed by Max Walker-Silverman.

THINGS I LIKED: Dale Dickey's face has so much character and her acting appears effortless. I've only ever seen her play small roles, so I was thrilled to see her star in her own feature film. Will she be nominated for an Oscar?

Wes Studi is another talented actor who has mostly been on the sidelines, so it's nice to see him play a leading role with Dale Dickey. They are fantastic. You can see their deep pain.

Beautiful cinematography.

The subtle humor is quirky and welcome.

Look closely for the symbolism as Faye represents mankind. I especially loved the visual when she's sitting on top of a mountain and lays down, becoming part of the mountain itself.

THINGS I DIDN'T LIKE: It's a slow burn. Some viewers will get tired of waiting for something to "happen".

TIPS FOR PARENTS: Kids will be completely bored. So will some adults.


THEMES: Love and loss Second chances Childhood sweethearts Romance Loneliness Memories Reinventing yourself Waiting for what's next How our lives touch one another

FUNNY LINES: * "Maam, we'd like you to have our canoe. It'll do you good for recreation and romantic excursions." - little cowgirl

You can see the full review on the Movie Review Mom YouTube channel.

Reviewed by Minnesota_Reid 7 / 10

Can These Embers Reignite?

Two people in their twilight years, both now widowed, meet up to see if their childhood attraction remains strong enough to lead somewhere all these decades later.

The setting is austere, and the few other characters in the film have hinted-at stories of their own.

Very low key, but nicely acted and with a strong sense of place.

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