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2019 [SPANISH]


IMDb Rating 5.9/10 10 57 57

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May 06, 2023 at 05:56 AM


Irene Zoe Alameda

Top cast

Aitana Sánchez-Gijón as Vera
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Spanish 2.0
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1 hr 49 min
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Reviewed by escritoradelallama-588-592282 4 / 10

It's bad. No, seriously

I don't mean to be mean because I assume someone related to this movie might look at the reviews but... It's bad. It is repetitive, it has unnecessary flashbacks of things that happened 10 minutes ago, it uses the same images over and over again, the writing is poor, the story doesn't hold up and the supposed message by the end doesn't make any sense with the movie. Also white savior complex. I don't know, it really was bad, seriously.

Reviewed by flashfluidimdb 3 / 10

Listless inane movie, badly written

The flashbacks are horribly embedded in the movie, in a way that the story does not flow. It just leaves you wishing they stop.

The special effect (just one) is clearly of the worst quality and looks quite artificial. I have nothing against low budget, but low budget asks for creative means, not cheap effects.

The actors are a fine bunch, but as always, good actors can't carry a weak story bad directing on top. Their dialogues sound stiff and unnatural.

All in all, the movie tries too hard to appear open minded and inspirational, but turns out to be a movie that you would stop watching in the middle and never think back about it. Serious topics deserve more than a childish patronizing treatment like this.

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