Citizen USA: A 50 State Road Trip



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May 24, 2023 at 08:37 AM


Alexandra Pelosi

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Alexandra Pelosi as Self - Narrator
Madeleine Albright as Self
Barack Obama as Self
Gene Simmons as Self
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Reviewed by rasmusnoor 1 / 10


The documentary primarily consists of Pelosi filming people singing "god bless america" and asking immigrants "what they love most about america". (they (shockingly) all say freedom)

Pelosi does not seem to understand the ethical issues of pushing an americanized agenda with loaded questions, while proclaiming its a documentary.

In short: political propaganda selling the illusion about the american dream.

If you want to understand anything about the american dream, read Hunter S. Thompson. He spend his life trying to find it.......

DISCLAIMER: he didn't find it ?

Best regards, The scandinavian welfare system.

Reviewed by davidcshannon 8 / 10

Interesting Interviews

It's not only interesting, but often funny or inspiring, to hear what these new citizens have to say about their choice to become American citizens.

This is just a well-edited collection of interview answers by new citizens mixed with parts of their various induction ceremonies. There's no journalistic viewpoint being expressed, and of course this population is biased in favor of America. They wouldn't have chosen to become American citizens if they didn't like the country.

If you're looking for naysayers expressing an opposing, critical view of America, this isn't the place to find it, because these would be the wrong people to ask.

Reviewed by mariusws-26368 2 / 10

Poor journalism

Those people have clearly not experienced Scandinavia. If they had, they would know that all the things they mention, except for the fact that you can't buy guns, are available in Scandinavia too. She keeps asking them why they want to live in America, and that is an important question, but she doesn't get a better answer than the typical 'American dream'-one. Why doesn't she ask them questions like: "Why did you choose America over Germany" (or any other Western European- or Scandinavian country for that matter). It's just my opinion, but I think this movie misleads people to believe that the US is a better place to live than the countries (areas) I mentioned above. A shame when you could have made this into a great documentary. :(

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