Wolves of War


Action / Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 17%
IMDb Rating 3.8/10 10 316 316

Plot summary

May 25, 2023 at 04:30 PM


Giles Alderson

Top cast

Rupert Graves as Professor Hopper
Ed Westwick as Jack Wallace
Jack Parr as Reece Owens
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by imseeg 3 / 10

Incredibly cheap surrogate of a "war" movie. Amateur hour!

The bad: this is just a cheap copy of a war story, that has already been told and filmed so many times before. Lots of war movies have similar storylines, but what is terrible about this movie is that everything is amateurishly done...

The actors are B-listed actors, who usually would only star in tv series, wherein acting quality isnt paramount. The photography is not terrible, but certainly not very good either.

But what is most annoying though is the fact that this story is NOT thrilling whatsoever. The few action scenes are almost laughably amateurish.

Wow. I really had to struggle not to start laughing. But in the end I really was struggling not to fall asleep.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 4 / 10

Watchable enough for what it turned out to be...

I stumbled upon the 2022 war movie "Wolves of War" by random chance, and never having heard about it, I didn't know what to expect from it, aside from it being a war movie. But I will say that the movie's cover/poster definitely seemed interesting. So of course I opted to give the movie a chance.

Well, I must say that this 2022 war movie's cover definitely oversold the movie. The movie, while definitely being watchable, was not a top notch production. The movie just permeated with a low budget shoestring feel to it. Don't get me wrong here, I am not saying that director Giles Alderson's 2022 war movie "Wolves of War" wasn't watchable, because it was. I am saying, however, that you shouldn't put your expectations up from the cover, because the movie isn't as grand as the cover makes it out to be.

Writer Ben Mole managed to put together a fair enough storyline. And while it made for an adequate viewing, however I doubt that I will ever return to watch "Wolves of War" a second time, simply because the contents of the storyline is unable to support more than a single viewing.

For a World War II war movie then "Wolves of War" came in under the radar, and it will just as quietly and unnoticeably disappear again from the radar without having left a lasting impression. If you enjoy World War II movies, then there are far, far better movies out there.

The acting performances in the movie were good. I wasn't familiar with the cast ensemble in the movie, but they definitely put on good enough performances for a movie such as this. And it was especially good that the German troops were speaking in German, and not just a thickly German accented English. Having them speak in German certainly added a layer of realism to the movie.

"Wolves of War" was an adequate enough action movie set within the confines of World War II. However, you're not in for a grand cinematic movie experience if you opt to watch director Giles Alderson's 2022 movie.

My rating of "Wolves of War" lands on a four out of ten stars.

Reviewed by trinaboice 5 / 10

Based on a true story but not entirely accurate

IN A NUTSHELL: At the end of World War II, a tough British officer leads a band of Allied commandos into enemy territory in Bavaria on one last impossible mission to extract an important American scientist held hostage by the Nazis.

The suspenseful war drama was directed by Giles Alderson. The story was written by Toby Kearton and Samuel Christopher Ellis. The screenplay was written by Ben Mole and is based on a true story.

THINGS I LIKED: I really enjoy World War II movies because there was such a clear line between the Allies and the Nazi enemies. In this film, the lines blur a little bit, offering unique insight.

Ed Westwick plays the leading man. I like him, although it was often hard to understand his subtle, facial expressions at times.

Matt Willis plays a large role in the movie. He kind of reminded me of a young Russell Crowe both in looks and voice quality. Did you know he's the co-founder and bassist in the band "Busted"?

Max Themak plays the sadistic Nazi leader. He is so over-the-top in his viciousness that it's easy to hate him.

There are some suspenseful moments.

The team looked like they were trying hard to create an interesting movie.

THINGS I DIDN'T LIKE: There are some cliched moments stolen from other/better movies.

I wished I had captions to read during this movie because sometimes, it was hard to understand what people were saying.

The child actors were not very good. I feel so mean writing that.

As a Grammar Nazi, I wished they had added punctuation to the end card toward the end of the movie. I always appreciate reading "the rest of the story" at the end of movies like this.

The field gear and locations in the movie aren't accurate. True history buffs will be annoyed by that. The film would have definitely benefited from having a military consultant on set.

Ultimately, the movie isn't memorable.

TIPS FOR PARENTS: Brutal violence Bloody deaths Profanity, including 1 F-bomb

THEMES: War Hope Family Science The value of human life

You can see the full review on the Movie Review Mom YouTube channel.

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Green_Hornet profile
Green_Hornet September 12, 2022 at 11:26 am

@Peaknik I dunno if this helps, but no one seems to be complaining about it being "too woke" LOL! :)

Davey420 profile
Davey420 September 12, 2022 at 06:57 am

Stink............ Stank.............. Stunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peaknik profile
Peaknik September 12, 2022 at 06:40 am

Can someone please confirm the movie doesn't stink...?

Davey420 profile
Davey420 September 12, 2022 at 05:24 am

My partner downloaded this one tonight and I downloaded The road dance........... We both started watching both movies at the same time and he was not at all intrigued by this movie so we both ended up watching The road dance together......... The road dance was much better than this rubbish!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't waste your time on this one.......... Just go download The road dance!!!!!!!!! It was so good

Purple_Monster profile
Purple_Monster September 12, 2022 at 04:44 am

Thanks Freeman :)

jefron1960 profile
jefron1960 September 12, 2022 at 03:12 am

I think it's very interesting to see the various ratings of some of these movies. I think some people give ratings based on the type of movie, not the quality of the storyline and acting.

Cracksteady profile
Cracksteady September 12, 2022 at 02:42 am

stfu, just don't watch if you don't like it.

khalilolemdjedli profile
khalilolemdjedli September 12, 2022 at 02:08 am

Enough of this sh*ty movies please