2011 [HINDI]

Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 4.8/10 10 45183 45.2K

Plot summary

When the titular antagonist of an action game takes on physical form, it's only the game's less powerful protagonist who can save his creator's family.

September 14, 2023 at 02:27 AM


Anubhav Sinha

Top cast

Priyanka Chopra as The Desi Girl / Damsel in Distress
Shah Rukh Khan as Shekhar / G.One
Rajinikanth as Chitti
Tom Wu as Akaashi
1.4 GB
Hindi 2.0
24 fps
2 hr 35 min
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sandytashu 10 / 10

Now I realised the true VFX value after watching adipurush VFX.

Sorry srk to not recognised your true effort. One of the best VFX till date. SRK is way ahead of time. In 2011 no one prepared for this kind of awesome VFX. Honestly I appreciate this movie after watch in theatre. If this movie release in 2022 then it will be blockbuster. Story was awesome and VFX steal the show. Arjun rampal done a fabulous job. Waiting for Ra-one 2. Songs are awesome and Kareena Kapoor's charm in chamak challo steal my heart. Let's hope that people understand the what is true VFX in Indian movies. Brahmastra take 10years but srk made Ra-one in copule of years. Love you srk and waiting for your next part.

Reviewed by goswamianshul 10 / 10

Still way Better than 500 Cr Aadipurush 10/10

VFX game was strong and it was ahead of Aadipurush.

Best Superhero movie of All time and Thanks to Srk for bringing this Technology to India.

No movie can beat this one in terms of VFX when it comes to Ra. One.

All Time watchable.

This movie deserves more love and support and Srk and Arjun Rampal have nailed their Characters.

Loved it and watched it in theatres my Rating 10/10.

Superhero movies in India will come and go but no one has ever made a this type of Bad-ass Superhero movie like Ra. One in Bollywood.

Ra. One in Terms of VFX in 2011 Will always be tha best Sci-fi movie all time.

Reviewed by cableanna 10 / 10

World class VFX, possible science fiction, brilliant dual lead performances, novel concept, international action entertainer with awkward romance , father-son bonding tale

You don't like Ra.One. Big deal. I love it. It is one of the few movies including Darr, Baazigar, Don, MNIK, Asoka where you will see an amalgamation of two cultures of film making -the east and the west. If Spy kids and Tron are ignored, Virtuosity is the only movie which has a virtual character played by Russell Crowe. And since the characters in the game in Ra.One were self-aware and adaptive owing to the artificial intelligence, the robot plus humanoid acting was to the point. Thesis on cuss words which are actually based on women and their body parts is actually progressive. The sense of humour like crotch jokes is similar to Deadpool. Also a video game character being a superhero is an original origin story which none of DC and Marvel has. The fight scenes are also quite original, and uses mutliple bullet time shots as in Matrix which is justified here and also the end with ten RaOne's is a nod to the mythology where the demon Raavan had 10 heads. The technology is actually possible because of research in Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual and Augmented Reality concepts. For example Google VR and Pokémon Go respectively. Also it has original special effects of cube formation and blasts which are different from IronMan but closer to Dragon Ball. In fact similar special effects are used in The Amazing Spiderman 2 where the character Electro is nothing like in the comics. Adam Sandler's Pixels basically ripped off the concept of Ra.One although it may have been an idea formed out of Wreck it Ralph. The message is quite wonderful because considering the attraction and indifference of kids towards violence in games, movies, TV shows and bad-ass characters is alarming.

What exactly will you accomplish from all the technical jargon, anyway? For example, Matrix Trilogy. Did you even understand what was actually going on? Did you understand a word of the great speech by the Architect in the third installment? Have you done a course on Artificial intelligence and Virtual Reality? How come the AI in Ex Machina starts thinking for herself? How did the robot and the AI in I,Robot acquire intelligence of their own? What is the concept of Skynet from Terminator series? Did you actually believe a radioactive spider can change your DNA and give you superpowers? Do you actually believe a more eligible human like Batman can battle demi gods like Darkseid, Superman, Doomsday? What the hell is wrong with people? Have you watched any episode of the anthology series Black Mirror? Each episode has a futuristic technology that impacts people's lives. That's the sort of futuristic advanced virtual reality and artificial intelligence system of Ra.One the game and it is set in the universe in which people can handle such physically demanding games. Barron Industries isn't even real. It may soon become a reality. The concept of virtual reality is not preposterous. It exists. With recent games like Pokemon. But Ra.One takes virtual reality to another level. There was no explanation needed. Anyway any scope for explanation vanishes with the death of Shekkhar. But the movie is open-ended so they might say something in the sequel whenever it is made. Ra.One is much smarter than its Krrish 3, Enthiraan, Shiva ka Insaaf, Drona, Toofan, Flying jatt, Super singh, Zokomon Mr. X counterparts. Only Shehenshah, Krrish, and Mr.India are good. The mythology poem thing is very apt since it connects the modern technology to our roots. It also manages to give a new look to Raavana and his ten-headed persona whose weakness was his navel. That's what Lord Ram does. One arrow to the navel and bam. It's over. If you were expecting cartoony destruction like in Enthiraan's climax or mindless detruction like in Avengers, then it is only your fault. The CST destruction scene is more realistic than entire Enthiraan movie lol. And remember, once you sell your soul to the devil, his shadow will forever linger on you. Much better message than most mindless Marvel movies except the lovely Spiderman trilogy. :)

Powers of G.One: 1) Invulnerability and invincibility to any real- world physical object/person owing to the not-here-not-there existence of G.One in the real world.

2)Regeneration abilities(like Piccolo from Dragon Ball) because G.One is made up of digital cubes/pixels that appear as physical objects in the real world. This is possible due to the concentration of rays containing data of G.One


4)High jumps(Hulk)

5)Martial arts(Programmed)

6)Shoot energy balls(dynamic data generated by static data which is G.one) like in Dragon Ball



9)Advanced AI that adapts itself with human behavior.


11) Neglection of real-world physics.

Weaknesses: 1)Needs to be charged with electricity(Called lifelines in video games, if you have played one)

2)Only vulnerable to a single bullet that only Ra.One can shoot in the third level. Else G.One can get defeated in earlier levels if his energy level(lifelines) is depleted.


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