This Is Joan Collins


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March 29, 2022 at 12:13 PM


Clare Beavan

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Reviewed by boblipton 6 / 10

Wait Till The Sun Shines, Joanie

There comes a point in this documentary in which, talking about her stint at Fox in the 1950s, Joan Collins says she was a utility star: she got the part when a bigger star didn't want it. That pretty much sums up her career as recounted in this BBC documentary, in between the affairs and marriages, accompanied by film clips of other glamorous stars.

One of the compensations in not being the supernova is that you don't burn yourself out. You can work forever, following the natural course from Juliet to Lady Capulet to the Nurse. Also, every once in a while, you get the job because you haven't priced yourself out of the market, or because you can convince your sister to turn her best-seller into a screenplay that you can flog with a juicy role for yourself. Plus, there's the chance you get the role that turns you into a true star for a bit.

That's what happened to Miss Collins when she was cast in Dynasty, even though she notes that she was probably third or fourth choice. Being a utility star means you get to play a wide range of roles, and when one of them clicks, you make some hay while the sun shines. Otherwise, it's a typical life, with highs, lows, and an outsized appreciation of how to look good for the camera.

Reviewed by rkeilitz-19-537915 10 / 10


Known as the poor man's Elizabeth Taylor in Hollywood circles is so off base after watching this TV Special. Yes she could be a stunt double for La Liz but that is where it ends. Good times and bum times I've seen it all and my dear I'm still here should be her theme song. Miss Collins narrates her seven rollercoaster decades in showbiz sharing her extraordinary home archive footage, giving an intimate glimpse into one of the world's most iconic figures. Known as the evil villainess in many of her roles especially Dynasty she does it with a sense of self-depreciating humor but with a naughty sparkle in her beautiful eyes. Well worth a 2nd viewing.

Reviewed by mujali-48677 10 / 10

Really good

I must admit I only knew Joan Collins superficially before watching this, but I am glad I did watch it as her story was really well told whilst at the same time giving you a flavour of the eras she has lived through. I was aghast at the sleaziness and lack of morals that was rife amongst the film stars and moviehouse bosses of the golden age of Hollywood. I never thought I'd find Joan Collins inspirational, but she truly is! There is something inherently likeable about her, good-natured mischief, eyes that sparkle with life and joy. I think that's a wonderful way to be, to live life to the fullest. To think that her career started in the early 1950s is pretty amazing to be honest.

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