Marley & Me: The Puppy Years


Comedy / Family

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Plot summary

Fall into puppy love with “the world’s worst dog”, who now has a frisky voice and an attitude to match. Join Marley for his mischievous puppy years, as he and his summer pal, Bodie Grogan, wreak havoc on a neighborhood dog contest. Marley outwits Dobermans, Shepherds and Collies, while stealing hearts in his own unique and lovable way. Get your paws on MARLEY & ME: THE PUPPY YEARS and fetch big laughs for the whole family!

September 30, 2023 at 05:40 PM


Michael Damian

Top cast

Ryan Grantham as Moose
Chelah Horsdal as Carol Grogan
Donnelly Rhodes as Fred Grogan
Jarod Joseph as Tom
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1 hr 26 min
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sergio-queirozz 1 / 10

Talking dog with sunglasses. Is this the 90's?

Seriously? A sequel to Marley & Me would have to be written by God to make any sense.. not some bad writers.

This movie is absolutely awful: awful script; awful actors; awful plot..

And a Talking dog with sunglasses??? wth.. i watched 15 min (if i had watched more I probably would be flying to US to kill the producers) and can't do It anymore...

If you liked Marley & Me, DON'T watch this one..

Thanks for trying to destroy one of my favorites movies, Hollywood.. again.

Reviewed by nicoleannmaxey 1 / 10

Terrible Movie - Do not rent

We turned this movie off after watching it for about 3 minutes. I even called Redbox and got a refund on the movie - which I have never done before.

It starts off really weird with characters that were not even in the previous movie. Marley is being watched by this neighbor boy and his mom thinks he "her son" is a screw up. Their acting was terrible.

Once Marley started "talking" - we turned the movie off. Marley is played by a real dog but his mouth is animated. It looked really cheesy. If Marley's mouth won't have been animated, we would have probably watched it of another 3 minutes or so.

This movie is meant for kids ages 4-8.

Reviewed by sheila-jeane-737-611712 1 / 10

The real problem

The problem is not that the title indicates the original movie continuance, but I really think it should have another title because the movie structure is completely different from the original, so why maintain the same title? Just to have more viewers? Unnecessary.

Well, I don't like when real animals talk. We can see that it is not requirement, because of the success of other movies, and I think it's to force too much. And the history was very normal, it wasn't interesting. Even for kids! Don't underestimate their intelligence, a movie don't need to be silly when it can teach something, or just have more creativity and smart aspects.

Of course, the dogs are really cute, and my star goes to them!!

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