Suave patria

2012 [SPANISH]

Comedy / Crime

IMDb Rating 4.8 10 645

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October 22, 2022 at 11:27 PM


Francisco Javier Padilla

Top cast

Karla Souza as Roxana Robledo
Héctor Jiménez as Sargento Panfilo Pedraza
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tprspan 7 / 10

Good Comedy from México

I saw this film upon the recommendation of my friend and colleague at the university where we work. I was not really expecting that much from this film, as I had never heard of it. It is a very good comedy.

This movie leaves no doubt as to what it wants to be from the very first scene. The two main characters(Omar Chaparro and Adrian Uribe) do a good job of playing off of each other, and mesh well together.

There are several other characters that are also developed very well, most notably the character of the policeman played by Hector Suárez that chases the two main protagonists throughout the film, from México DF to the Mexican state of Durango.

This film has a good soundtrack also, especially "¿Qué más da?"(Who cares?) performed by a group called Kinky.

This film is very recommended if you are looking for a good slapstick type film. I saw it on You Tube for free without English subtitles, then I bought the DVD on Amazon, which had the subtitles.

If you are a teacher looking for a good Spanish language film for class, this works well, as it is not too long. There is a lot of profanity, so it may be better suited for a university level class. I do not recall any nudity though.

Reviewed by pepinator2000 1 / 10

So bad it makes Nacho Libre look like The Godfather

This movie is just a series of clichéd nonsense plain dumb unfunny scenes trying to tell a completely plot hole riddled story. There is nothing new or original that this movie brings on the table.

The two lead characters are quite annoying. You can not really care too much about what happens to them, what they say or think. I was waiting for them to get killed after just minutes into the movie. The feeling did not change while watching the whole film and unfortunately, you can tell their lack of acting skills. They are so bad that you get a sad feeling for the producers.

Story wise, it seems the movie tried to have some degree of social and political undertones, but it fails miserably at delivering that. The bad comedy and bad acting are so distracting that every sociological or political hint gets completely overseen. As a viewer you will be so astonished as to how bad a movie can get to pay attention to whatever social criticism message the movie could ever try to deliver.

I really cant find anything remotely commendable about this movie. If you have not watched it, avoid this movie like the plague; watching paint dry would be more amusing.

Reviewed by adndark 3 / 10

Worst movie ever. I felt bad for the director

The movie is outrageous, the plot as already said in another review is full of holes. The acting skills of the main characters are almost none and seriously the plot sucks as much as possible.This is supposed to make me laugh but I just felt bad for the director, it was painful to watch it. I just created my IMDb account to post a bad review for this movie. I just wanted to watch a Mexican movie and this came up in netflix, I expected a not so awesome movie but something to chill out and easy going but what I got was a horrible experience that made me cry my eyes out of disappointment. I would not recommend this movie even for learning Spanish, boring as hell. Please avoid it as possible and tell everyone to stay away of it.

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