Life After You


Action / Drama

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April 05, 2022 at 11:08 PM


Sarah T Schwab

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Kathryn Erbe as Sally
Florencia Lozano as Linda
Melanie Nicholls-King as Grief Counselor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by carianne-69335 10 / 10

Spot-On Depiction of Life After Child Loss

As the second reviewer here, I was compelled to share that this is one of the most accurate and well done films on teen loss that I've seen. Unlike the other reviewer so far, I HAVE lost someone, my teenage son, not in the same way as the film, but along with a few other teens in an overnight tragic event. What this film reflects, and what parallels real life events I can personally attest to: When the news breaks, and people start showing up at your house ( police, neighbors, friends, complete strangers) you are in shock, and have no idea, this crowd of people suddenly in your home.

You start to find out things about your kid you never knew before from their friends, and you can't talk to your kid about it.

The funeral of a young person is usually attended by a very large number of people,so an exhausted grieving family is on hand greeting a lot of well-wishers paying thir respects.

The little details that your child's absence creates, such as the snacks are untouched, and the house stays cleaner than usual, etc...people don't realize these details hit the hardest to a grieving family in the weeks and months after. The guilt a mother and father feel, and even a teen's friends, for not preventing their death, no matter the circumstances, is real...and all-consuming.

Broken-heart syndrome has the same symptoms as a heart attack..I was taken by ambulance twice myself .. Grief can lead to social anxiety, agoraphobia, many people stop talking to you because they don't know what to say, or Because they feel guilty that their children are alive and thriving, and you lost yours.

Even when you find or have a happy moment or milestone from that point forward, it is forever tainted with the WORST day of your life, the day you lost your child.

This movie literally covered EVERY little detail of what living with sudden tragic loss of a teen is like. I can vouch for that, because I've been there. I can't think of one area that they missed or misrepresented...and the acting from everyone was excellent! For all of these reasons, I rate it a 10/10.

Reviewed by ops-52535 5 / 10

i may be the first to review...

And i shall admit that ive never lost anyone near younger than me, but billions of others have over the past 4000 years, and whether its due to overdosing , accidents or sickness or health(suicide) the devastation must be a hard ride, the 5 critical phases of sorrow and pain will irresistebly be there, and the time to mend the wounds and band aid the cronic ulcer of loss can and will be an invincible task, until one morning a whisper may say ...time to go on...

its that kind of film, its pain iut shock its devastation, its utterly depression, its decieft and just a world of dark and a world of silent tears...

ive seen loads of socialrealismic films heaving over the subject of drugs and overdose topics, mainly usa made, allthough it a global phenomenon on the silverscreen(germans are good at that genrelanguage)and i must say that there are stories more vivid and heartbreaking than this out there to watch and learn from, but the mild intro until death is done is like jumping out off a plane at 30000 feet, and you keep falling with the emotions of the caracters till you think this is too dark and its too moulded to be a real sorrow. It maybe the actors, and the dystopia this family has lived in in this story so at the end i feel this aint a film for mending and repair because it wont stop wailing.

But thats the thoughts of a grumpy old man. Its a try, they shall have that, and they succeded giving ego a lump in the stomach and heaving for air at moments, but a top notch production it aint, cause it jumps a lot in the matter and gets stuck where others may find hope. So therefore just a small recommend.

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FAIL profile
FAIL April 07, 2022 at 12:44 am

He needed to learn to take fentanyl like George Floyd!

3inchsteel profile
3inchsteel April 06, 2022 at 08:05 pm

The person taking the drugs is the responsible party. It was a choice, to begin with.